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As the electric vehicle sub-sector continues to grow in popularity and sales, it is remarkable that the Toyota brand is still king over EV. Check below the list of Toyota hybrid cars which are dominating the segment!

The introduction of Hybrid electric cars represents the single biggest development in the automotive industry in the past half century. Electric cars in general are a new innovation; however there is already impressive competition as automobile companies that design electric vehicles go head to head with each other in order to corner the growing market. When the best green car vehicles are discussed we can’t avoid mentioning certain EVs that lead the pack right now, such as:

  • Tesla is an all-electric vehicle or EV that has pretty much led the market for all-electric vehicles up to now.
  • The Honda Clarity, which is a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV), a midsize sedan that does not just have a faultless look, but also a picture-perfect performance.
  • The Kia Niro is another electric vehicle that deserves honorable mention for not just its look but for it prodigious performance, while costing a lot less than it could. These two are just a few to mention.
  • The Honda Accord Hybrid is a close competitor to the Camry on every level.

Talking about Hybrid electric vehicles specifically, one brand of HEV is currently the top gun in the HEV race: this is the Toyota Hybrid electric brand of cars. This is inferred not from mere assumptions but from the monthly and annual sales reports released by each company. Since the start of production of Hybrid electric cars in 1997, the Toyota Motor company has sold an amazing over 10 million units of its HEV vehicles, more than 8 times the sales figures of its closest rival, the Clarity HEV from Honda, at less than 2 million units.

Here is a peep at some notable Toyota Hybrid electric car sales figures collected by, so we can see how well these vehicles have been doing in sales:

1. Toyota Camry Hybrid

Even with stiff competition from other Hybrid electric vehicles in its price range, Toyota Camry Hybrid has managed to lead the pack of Hybrid family sedans with an increase in sales of up to 13%. The Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid was named Drive Car of the Year at the annual consumer-focused motoring awards in 2018. This and other indications explain why it has such a selling power. The HEV is acknowledged for its fuel efficiency, powertrain, spaciousness as well as strong spurt. In addition,  the car has quite an impressive cargo space and adequate interior design.

Toyota Camry Hybrid​​​​​​​ price & sales
Brand new Toyota Camry Hybrid​​​​​​​ price

$28,400 - $32,975

N10.2m - N11.9m

Used Toyota Camry Hybrid price (2012 - 2016)

$16,998 - $21,998

N6.1m - N7.9m

Units sold 2000 - 2018 247,000 units sold

>>> Prices of other Camry versions are updated on Naijauto as well:


The Camry's great sales records also transfers to ts hybrid version

2. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

When the newly introduced 2020 ‘all-new 52 MPG’ Toyota Corolla Hybrid hit the market, we weren’t expecting it to sell more than the other electric vehicle who had been around with 1,403 units increase in sales. It is popular for its remarkable fuel economy, standard advanced safety features and high quality interior design, making it consistently outsell competitor Honda Insight.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid price & sales
Brand new Toyota Corolla Hybrid price

From $22,950

From N8.3 million

Used Toyota Corolla Hybrid price N/A
Units sold 2000 - 2018 47,000 units sold

>>> For your reference:


Toyota's best selling sedan of all time, and now a successful hybrid, the Corolla

3. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The Toyota Corolla and Camry Hybrids are not the only Toyota Hybrid automobiles surpassing their major competition in sales; the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2019 is leading on its category too. With a 66% increase in sales, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid outsells all Hybrid electric crossover cars.

After an interrupted sale rate when the new design of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was introduced, the 2019 version threw the RAV4 back to mega spurring status, causing a high sale increase of 6,556 units in April. This earned it the position of top selling green vehicle in its range. You love the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV? We understand it’s a great car but the 2019 Toyota Hybrid RAV4 outsmarts it a massive 40 times in sales. Seriously guys, we are being literal here.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid price & sales
Brand new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid price

$27,850 - $35,850

N10m - N12.9m

Used Toyota RAV4 Hybrid price 2016-2017

$22,998 - $28,998

N8.3m - N10.4m

Units sold since 2000 - 2018 223,000 units sold

>>> Editor's pick for RAV4 lovers:


The Rav4 Hybrid car is the highest selling electric vehicle in its range

4. Toyota Highlander Hybrid/ Kluger Hybrid

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid​​​​​​​ is another one of Toyota’s product that has had an upsurge sale of 1,104 units recently. When you want to compare it to the three- row Tesla’s Model X which is also a renowned green vehicle that has the same features as Highlander Hybrid, Toyota is topping by far. Enough thanks to its fuel economy and the standard accident-avoidance technology added to it. Though, the hybrid trim of the Toyota Highlander signifies approximately 7% of total Highlander sales.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid price & sales
Brand new Toyota Highlander Hybrid price

$37,320 - $48,980

N13.4m - N17.6m

Used Toyota Highlander Hybrid price 2013 - 2016

$30,850 - $38,998

N11.1m - N14m

Units sold 2000 - 2018 141,000 units sold

>>> Further details of Toyota Highlander:


Out and out, Toyota's most successful mid-size SUV, the Toyota Highlander hybrid is a master

While we have seen the many Toyota Hybrid products toping the market, we must not fail to admit the one that seems to have decreased in sales recently: Toyota’s Prius.

5. Toyota Prius

This Toyota electric vehicle has been outselling other electric vehicles of its category, but recently it has a huge decrease in sales to the tune of about 40% this April over April 2018. The anticipated 2020 Toyota Prius Prime could, however, halt the ebb of this downward trend.

Toyota Prius price & sales
Brand new Toyota Prius price

From $24,700

From N8.9 million

Used Toyota Prius price 2008 - 2016

$5,995 - $18,394

N2.2m - N6.6m

Units sold since 2000 - 2017 6.115 million units sold since production started

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The Toyota Prius used to be the most popular full hybrid car in the world, but has suffered setbacks

Whatever Toyota hybrid car you chose to buy, you will be buying into an exclusive class of innovation, reliability, cost savings and elegance.

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