Toyota hits milestone of 15 Million Hybrid car sales worldwide


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Toyota has significantly saved the earth from over 120million tonnes of CO2 emissions with sales of 15million hybrid cars worldwide.

Ever since the Japanese automaker, Toyota introduced its Prius model back in the year 1997, the company has improved its technology so much so that it currently stands among the best hybrid vehicle makers in the world today. This is no wonder why the company has now passed a milestone of 15 million hybrid car sales worldwide.


The Japanese automaker, Toyota celebrates 15 million hybrid vehicle sales worldwide

According to a recent press release, out of the 15 million hybrid cars sold by Toyota, 2.8 million out of these vehicles were sold to Europe, and the United Kingdom’s auto market has the highest recorded sales of Toyota hybrid cars. It was also stated in the reports that hybrid vehicles now account for two-thirds (66.1%) of all the new passenger cars sold by Toyota in the United Kingdom.

Moving on to Britain, the Toyota Yaris is reportedly the automaker’s current best-selling hybrid car model followed by the Prius model. This popularity and wide acceptance of the Yaris model has prompted Toyota to promise that the coming 2021 Yaris model will impress customers even more. According to Toyota, this upcoming model will feature the 4th-generation of its hybrid car technology which the automaker claims will deliver a more remarkable electric driving capability with “significantly” higher zero-emission.

Whenever we consider these advancements in electric vehicle technology, we are always faced with the question; Is Nigeria even ready for electric cars?

Check out this short video below that explains how Toyota’s self-charging Hybrid car technology works;

Here’s How Toyota’s Self Charging Hybrid works!!!

Want to know some interesting facts about the Japanese automaker Toyota? Check out our article where we revealed the top 10 cool facts about Toyota.

It is really impressive that Toyota Hybrid cars do not only offer lower CO2 emissions but also self-charge their own batteries. Fingers crossed till the day when stakeholders in the Nigerian auto industry will be able to figure out ways of introducing these amazing hybrid cars into the Nigerian auto market.

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