Look back Toyota HiAce “Hummer” Bus 52-year evolution since 1967


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In less than 10 minutes, check out this quick run-through of the 52-year evolution of the popular Toyota HiAce “Hummer” bus from 1967 to 2019. See it here!

When it comes to interstate transport in Nigeria, the Toyota Hiace is one popular bus that almost all of our local transport companies cannot do without. But what Naijauto tells you that this particular model of the Toyota bus lineup has been around for over 52 years now, would you believe?

Believe it or not, this Toyota bus model that is informally called the “Hummer Bus” in Nigeria has been around since the year 1967 and up till today, it has never disappointed in quality and durability.


The Toyota Hiace “Hummer” bus you know today has been around for 52 years now

Evolution of the Toyota Hiace “Hummer” Bus (1967 – 2019)

Prepare to go on a long but “quick” journey through the 52 years evolution of the Toyota Hiace bus from its first generation in 1967 to its sixth generation now in 2019. Continue reading below;

1. Toyota Hiace – First Generation (1967)

The popular Japanese automaker Toyota launched its first model of the Hiace in October 1967. The vehicle was later sold in different versions back then with a large number being introduced into the African auto market as a capable mass transit vehicle for road transport. However, it never really gained much ground in Nigeria as of that time.


Though Toyota Hiace wasn’t popular in Nigeria as of 1967, it had already entered the African auto market

2. Toyota Hiace – Second Generation (1977)

Ten years after the debut of the first Toyota Hiace model, Toyota launched the second generation of the commuter vehicle in the year 1977. The second-generation Hiace model had quite a lot of clear improvements when compared to the first generation. These changes probably contributed to its sudden popularity in the Nigerian auto market back in the early ‘90s and late ‘80s, particularly for transport purposes.

The 1977 model of the Toyota Hiace was made available in different versions which included a mini pickup van. It also featured small-sized engines that ranged from 1.6-litres to 2.2-litres including diesel engines as well.

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The second-generation models of the Toyota Hiace where the first to storm the Nigerian auto market

3. Toyota Hiace – Third Generation (1982)

Toyota launched the third generation Hiace in the year 1982 and it featured bigger updates as well as design refreshments which projected the automaker’s target and plans for the model lineup.

The 3rd generation Hiace models were the first to be offered as both long-wheelbase and also short-wheelbase versions and the recorded sales was a huge success for the Japanese automaker back then. These models of the Hiace were also the first to come with a fitted air conditioning system as well as a Four-Speed automatic transmission system. The ambulance versions were also the first to be equipped with 4.0L V8 powerful engines.


The third-generation Toyota Hiace models were the first to come with fitted A/C and a 4-Speed auto transmission

4. Toyota Hiace – Fourth Generation (1989)

The fourth-generation Toyota Hiace spanned a really long 15years of production from its debut in 1989 up until the year 2004.

This model year was undeniably the most popular and most common generation, especially in Nigeria. The fourth-generation Hiace model got so popular to the extent that many Chinese automakers started copying its blueprint in making their own buses that had almost exact shapes and sizes.

Most of these Chinese copycat brands luckily got their share of the Nigeria road transport market at this time when the fourth generation Hiace buses were becoming the best buses for interstate transit in Nigeria.

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The fourth-generation Toyota Hiace buses revolutionized interstate mass transit business in Nigeria

5. Toyota Hiace – Fifth Generation (2004)

Following the success of the fourth generation Hiace buses in Nigeria, the success of the fifth-generation just skyrocketed “off the roof”.

The fifth-generation Toyota Hiace bus model won the hearts of Nigerian transport companies with the beautifully curved edges on its exterior and the level of luxury it offers to passengers. It was also the model that first got the popular coined name “Hummer Bus” from Nigerians.

Toyota really got on top of its game with the 5th generation Hiace bus model as other Chinese copycat automakers never got close to ever competing with the “Hummer bus” throughout its reign even till today. it gained so much popularity that Nigerian transport company hardly ever used any other vehicle model for interstate road transport anymore in the country.

Some of the enticing features of the fifth-generation Toyota Hiace included;

  • Safety packages including ABS brakes, airbags and the likes
  • The available navigation system in some models as well as an optional automatic transmission system too
  • Available 3.0L diesel engine and 2.7L inline-4 engine options


Toyota included a lot of safety and luxury features in the fifth generation Hiace “Hummer” bus that made it so popular

6. Toyota Hiace – Sixth Generation (2019)

As of the year 2019, the 6th generation Hiace is the latest model and everything about it seems totally new as well as radically different from most of its previous models in the lineup.

The 2019 model comes with completely new platform, transmission and engine too. It is also the first model to feature a front-engine which comes in Variants of the 3.5-liter V6 engine, 4-cylinder engine, and 2.8L turbo-diesel engine.


The Sixth generation of the Toyota Hiace bus is the current and latest release as of the year 2019

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