The new Toyota e-Racer concept is a testament to sports cars’ bright future


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The future of sports cars is near, and Toyota is showing us what it looks like with its new e-Racer Concept, recently unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Check how it differs from current sports cars here!

The ongoing Tokyo Auto Show has been mesmerizing the whole world as always, with a lot of out-of-the-world models and innovations. The Toyota e-Racer is one of the few surprises Toyota kept under wraps until now.

The sole purpose of this stunning e-Racer concept is to take us on a journey into what the future will look like. Fun-filled and remarkable!


The all electric and autonomous Toyota e-Racer is a delightful leap into the future of sports cars

Toyota is yet to give us its full specifications but it appears aggressive and well styled for a sports car, with the availability of an open cockpit and no windshield. The driver will take centre of the car as sitting position and will be obviously gazing at what a steering wheel will look like in the future. According to the automaker, the steering wheel will hold “specialized digital glasses”.


The e-Racer will be able to contain the driver and a single passenger, with an offer of augmented reality function 

On the inside, the car will display information such as battery status, gear selection and current speed when the driver wears the glasses. The car will also offer an augmented reality feature, which can easily offer simulations for underwater driving experience, futuristic city roads and grand prix races.

The only passenger will take a seat behind the driver, and will also enjoy a similar augmented reality feature, which will be activated with the use of a screen or a headset mounted on the rear of GR-branded roll bar.

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The e-Racer is set to come with an open cockpit and information will be displayed with the use of specialized digital glasses

The e-Racer concept will offer 2 tons of design and wheels that are detached from the car’s main body. It also features C-shaped accents and slender LED lighting.

In a speech recently made by Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, he referred to the concept sports car as a flight of fantasy. His words:

“The birth of the automobile led to 15 million horses being replaced by cars in the United States.”

Toyota e RACER concept

Toyota has acknowledged the availability of racehorses despite the seismic shift in the global mode of transportation.

Consequently, the automaker is assuring car lovers to be patient and feel relaxed, since the future models will be fully electrified and offer self-driving.

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