Toyota decides to drop Land Cruiser V8 engines


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The decision by Toyota to cancel out the iconic V8 engines of the Toyota Land Cruiser is not so surprising as it is disappointing. There are pros and cons

The Toyota Land Cruiser SUV is one of the most robust vehicles Toyota has ever had, and it has been amazingly successful in Nigeria. Of course one thing that has endeared the SUV to millions the world over has been its high performance V8 engine. Now, it looks like Toyota is going to dump the V8 in future generations of Land Cruisers, as shared by Naijauto breaking news.


Same Toyota without the iconic V8 engine?

The V8 engine present in the Toyota Land Cruiser includes the 381 horsepower (which is about 284 kilowatt) version that holds the 5.7 Liter 3 UR-FE V8 that is more prominent in the US because of its dense power output. This engine contributes greatly to the LC’s off-road and towing capabilities.

Even with the fantastic testimonials, the Toyota V8 of either diesel or gasoline power will be going the point of no return for the forthcoming Toyota 300 Series Land Cruiser.

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This news has left many V8 fans disheartened although it is yet to be officially and directly confirmed by Toyota. So far there has been zero statements or anything of such from Toyota, but this news came from CarAdvice during an interview with the head of Toyota product planning and development for Toyota Australia, Bernard Nada. Their article reads:

"Toyota says it's too early to discuss technical details of what will be the first completely new Land Cruiser in 14 years; however, CarAdvice understands the current 4.5-liter V8 turbo-diesel and 4.6-liter V8 petrol will be phased out due to tougher global emissions standards."

When questioned about the surrounding rumor concerning Toyota intention to drop the V8 engine, Nada said:

"You would see most brands are shifting down from V8s whether it is petrol or diesel configurations. It's generally in the pursuit of greater efficiencies and to reduce CO2 emissions, so that's the global trend."  

If this turns out to be accurate, then it means that we can expect a substantial reduction in C02 emissions as a direct result of this policy. As mentioned before, the Land Cruise is a truly global brand. It is not clear at this time whether the V8 cancellation will affect any other Toyota brands.

Which engine then replaces the V8 in the LC? Evidence is pointing at the V6 engine which is lighter in weight, and yet packs a bigger punch. This evaluation is also the opinion of the Australian car journal. The auto journal stated that the soon-coming Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series will have either the V6 turbo-diesel or the turbo-gasoline engine user choices which will be released by 2021. 

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There is a possibility of seeing a V6 hybrid version that should be arriving after a few years. Not unexpected, the proposed change may not get such an enthusiastic “Amen” from US customers, who traditionally have always preferred the V8 engine to the V6.


The V8 engine continues to have a strong customer base

Talking green however, continuous reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in automobiles are a continuing worldwide issue. What with ever increasing stringency in environmental laws all over the world, and more and more calls for action from environmental lobbyists, automakers are under enormous pressure to go “green,” which is why electric vehicles continue to be such a big movement.

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The possible backlash on Automakers who ignore this from a public that perceives them as unfeeling and unconcerned about the Planet’s well-being, could be catastrophic and even terminal for an automaker. This is because of the widespread concern for the environment globally. Any company would be doing itself a strong disservice to get o the wrong side of this.

The Land Cruiser’s future seems secure though; as long as it retains the same power-towing strength and off-road dexterity, this SUV will be popular, whether it carries a V8 or a V6 engine.

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