See the one-off Century GRMN taken to the race track by the Toyota President


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You have to see the one-off Century GRMN that the Toyota president took to the race track during the 2018 Gazoo Racing celebration. Check it out here now!

How nice will be it if could have the Century GRMN listed for sale in Nigeria? Well, don’t expect that anytime soon as it is still only exclusive to the Toyota president Akio Toyoda. But, you can check out our amazing huge collections of New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria.

Now to the main story.

It was an interesting moment at the end of the motorsport 2018 season as the Toyota president Akio Toyoda arrived on the race track in his one-off High-performance Century GRMN sedan. This century GRMN is highly coveted because of its combination of GRMN top-level sporting performance with the opulence that comes with the regular Century sedan line. The GRMN’s top-level sporting performance is superb and could only be compared to that of the BMW M or Mercedes AMG.


Toyota President Akio Toyoda arriving at the Gazoo Racing’s 2018 motorsport season end celebration

­Wondering what the GRMN stands for? Here you go; Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring. Other notable high-performance vehicles present at the Fuji Speedway on the occasion include; the Toyota’s Super Formula, a Super GT Prius GT300, a GT86 (Nürburgring), the Toyota Yaris WRC, the TS050 LMP1, and the upcoming Supra car.

Watch the video below:


Toyota New model century GRMN Toyota president and announcement, the driver is that fastest driver! TGRF2018 @ Fuji

Everyone is still curious if the century GRMN sedan will remain a one-off prototype forever or whether Gazoo Racing and Toyota will ever allow more production and sales of the car.

As for the regular Century, only 50 units are still made monthly till date and it is powered from the combination of a 5.0L V8 direct-injected engine (Lexus LS600h engine) and a 425-horsepower 2-stage electric motor.

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