New Toyota cars will shut off engine and go into park mode automatically


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Important safety and fuel economy features now on offer in new Toyota built cars. Check them out right here in this post!

Toyota promises to introduce two new sets of safety features in its models starting from 2020. These new features will make sure your Toyota model turns off the engine automatically when it notices that the engine has been idling for a certain period without the car moving from that spot. This feature is an advanced form of the Toyota Smart Key feature which has been available in most Toyota models right from 2003. The Toyota Smart Key now comes standard in all 2020 models of Toyota so far released.

The other feature is the Automatic Park feature which Toyota says will automatically put your car into park mode the moment it senses that your car is at a high risk of rolling down a slope. 

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Video: Toyota Safety Features Will Automatically Shut Off Engine And Apply Parking Brake

Both features bring with it some level of benefit to friends of the Toyota brand. The Auto Park mode is surely an added safety feature that will surely reduce the chances of a rollover accident occurring as your car rolls away down a hill or possibly crash into an unsuspecting vehicle. In fact, the number of possible risks avoided is obviously numerous but this new feature will help make sure you avoid the negative outcomes and financial burdens that come with it especially if you don't have a vehicle insurance policy in place.


Most 2020 models of the Toyota brand will come with the Auto Park feature

The Auto engine shut-off feature will on its part make sure you save more fuel and also avoid a possible overheating incident since it is generally known that your car engine temperature goes up when it is stationary. Even though modern car technology should stop this from occurring but I am certain you will not want to take unnecessary chances with your vehicle that surely cost you a good sum to acquire.

We expect these new features to be made available in Toyota models that come with automatic transmission systems. A call across to Toyota Customer care office didn't yield any positive outcome as we tried to get a hit on the possible 2020 Toyota models that already have these features. But we suspect that the 2020 Toyota Avalon is fitted with the Auto Engine Shut-off feature but this is subject to a test run by our engineering team at

We also suspect that the 2020 Yaris might be one model to grace these new features.


Will the 2020 Yaris have the latest features?

Be sure that we will reveal all the info about these new features as we get them. Do well to check out our different pages for more hot gist.

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