Toyota hints a possible AWD, 3-Cylinder GR Corolla model for the U.S market


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Toyota strongly hints that the U.S auto market could get a new hatchback just after the company revealed the delectable GR Yaris with all-wheel-drive. See full story!

Earlier this month, Toyota gave strong hints that a new hatchback model would soon be released for the U.S auto market and will tick all boxes. However, we noticed that the announcement came just after the Japanese automaker unveiled its new GR Yaris model which packs 6-speed manual gearbox, AWD and a wild turbocharged engine – for only the Asian and Europe markets.

So, if the “hot” Yaris model is not coming to the U.S then, the Corolla is definitely the only hatchback alternative left.


The U.S market could soon get a new GR Corolla hatchback with AWD and 3-Cylinder engine borrowed from the GR Yaris

Two weeks ago, we published a report that Toyota is building a rally type GR Yaris which most street racing enthusiasts will love. But what we didn’t mention were the strong hints of a coming GR Corolla model that could also borrow the powertrain of the GR Yaris and be targeted at the U.S auto market specifically.

To confirm this possibility, reputable auto news reporters contacted Toyota but the company’s spokesperson says there will be no comment or official statement on future products for now. However, many auto enthusiasts are saying that the suspected GR Corolla could arrive in 2023 which is a reasonable speculation. On the flip side, a popular U.S car sales website is claiming that this new GR Corolla could hit the U.S auto market later this year or sometimes next year (2021).

Watch this short video below to get a feel of the Toyota GR Yaris model from which the speculated GR Corolla could borrow most of its features;

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Should we believe these rumors about a possible GR Corolla model or not? Well, truth is we just have to wait and see. But it would be really nice though to see a Corolla hatchback model with improved performance and “hot” appearance.

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