Totaled 2020 Toyota Supra with smashed front to be auctioned at cheap price


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Can you splash your cash on this wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra, set to be sold at the auction with damaged fascia and stalled engine? See its condition below then decide!

Are you interested in getting a super expensive 2020 Toyota Supra at a ridiculously cheap price or you do not mind splashing cash on a brand new model? In most cases, getting this model cheap is like dragging a camel through a needle's eye. Toyota products may come to you mostly affordable but there are few that will leave a large hole in your wallet.


The 2020 Toyota Supra must have crashed heavily to have sustained this massive damage at its front end

Well, it looks like this particular wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra has crashed into something like a pole or tree, with the kind of damage done on its fascia and engine. Mind you, a typical 2020 Supra comes equipped with a turbo-charged 3.0-liter inline-6 engine. Naijauto anticipates that you might end up working on its engine since it won’t start from the crash.


Its auctioned price is expected to be low since it is already wrecked and will require a massive repair

The digital dash is also in a sorry state. There is no way you can know how many miles it has gone. When you take a peep inside, you will notice that the airbags are already deployed.


The state of the airbags is evidence of massive impact the car must have experienced

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Another disturbing fact about this wrecked ride is the claim that it is a Premium/Launch Edition. From the look, we believe this 2020 Toyota Supra should fall into the category of Premium Edition since the other edition usually comes with red mirror caps (high contrast) and can only be seen in 3 colours.

What you should expect if you buy brand new 2020 Toyota Supra Premium

This type of spec is valued at $53,990 (₦19.5m) as starting price, which is exclusive of the clearing cost and shipping fee in Nigeria. When purchased new with no dent, it comes fitted with the following features:

  • Red calipers and brembo four-piston ventilated disc brakes
  • 8.8-inch touchscreen with Touchpad control and Supra Command
  • Heated black leather sports seat
  • A 500W 12-speaker JBL HiFi surround sound system
  • Toyota Supra Connect with Emergency Calling
  • Remote Control Lock/Ventilation
  • Concierge Service and Map updates
  • Real Time Traffic Information


The high performing 2020 Toyota Supra, when not wrecked, is an astonishing car to cruise in

The 2020 Supra Premium spec engine can easily generate an output of 335 horsepower from its BMW-sourced engine. With the help of its 8-speed automatic transmission, it can easily accelerate from a standstill of zero to 60 mph in just 4.1 secs.

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