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Car is not just a means of transport, it’s the symbol of power. This post will show you the superiority of vehicles from the most influential icons on Earth.

To be selected to serve VIPs of the world, these automobiles have to meet some pre-requisites as the ability to secure people, the elegance of design or the convenient facilities for best experiences.

1. UK Bentley State Limousine

This royal design is specially made for Queen Elizabeth II in her 2002 Golden Jubilee Anniversary. The product of Rolls-Royce family can resist blast, survive gas attack with features kevlar-reinforced tyres.

Besides, the roof structure is tailored for the Queen to step out easily to greet her residents in the most decent manners. Two Bentley State Limousine have been made with the price tag of over 13 million USD (equivalent to around 5 billion Naira).

Queen Elizabeth II standing near Bentley State Limousine

Queen Elizabeth II with her Bentley State Limousine

2. United States Beast

Carrying the most powerful men in the world is “The Beast” or “First Car”. This limo is one of a fleet of 12 similar ones which cost a total of £15 million to make. It weighs 20,000 pounds, has 7-inch thick bulletproof plating, Kevlar tyres and doors of same type as Boeing 757.

The US Beast car

The Beast helps save US leaders from terrorists

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3. Made-in-Russia Aurus Senat limousine

This official presidential car of Russia's honorary president - Vladimir Putin first appeared in the public on his inauguration on May 7 this year. This 12,000-pound, 23-foot armoured limousine was a joint effort of Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI) and Porsche/Bosch. Russians can rightly pride themselves on building their own presidential car with protective features that can match that of US Beast Limo.

Aurus Senat limousine

23 foot-long Aurus Senat limousine carrying KGB officer

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4. Kim Jong Un's Armored Mercedes-Benz S600

The mysterious leader from North Korea has chosen Armored Mercedes-Benz S600 for his safety. Not only is this vehicle equipped with luxury interiors but its private toilet can also prevent spies from collecting samples to investigate the president’s health condition.

Mercedez Armoured W221 S600

Armoured W221 S600 Pullman Guards

5. China Hongqi HQE

The D-class HQE limo of Chinese president cannot be overlooked in this list. It uses CA12GV 6L engine developed by FAW, specially customized and armoured for China state.

Honqui HQE limo of Chinese president

China President in Honqui HQE limo.

Other bulletproof beasts used by state officers around the globe can be named as: Jaguar XJ Sentinel of UK Prime Minister, Mercedes-Benz S600 of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mercedes-Benz S-Class of many countries’ leaders like Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey and Philippines.

Jaguar XJ Sentinel and Theresa May

Jaguar XJ Sentinel and UK Prime Minister

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