Historic top speeds of car: 19 km/h to 1,228 kmh. Believe it or not?


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When hearing about car top speed, you would likely jump to those number with 3 digits. But these are just beyond our imagination! Check the car that competes speed with jet below!

Nowadays, it's not hard to hear about all the latest car models being broadcasted on TV, all kinds of commercials, online or offline. Every few months or even weeks, a new supercar is born, each better and faster than its predecessor and direct competitors. If you have been paying attention to the auto world, you'd know that Bugatti lead the trend pretty early with the infamous Bugatti Veyron. Not only it was faster than any previous vehicle, but its shape is also nothing like the ones in the market, with a rounded head and not-so-aerodynamical look, at least according to the general public.

After the trendsetter Bugatti, we saw a wave of new supercars, Citroen GT, Mclaren F1, Hennessey Venom GT, Koenigsegg Agera, SSC Tuatara, just to name a few, all of which could surpass the 300 km/h threshold. It is notable, though, that all of those cars are not for commercial purpose since their chassis is way too low and only race-level roads could meet those cars' demand (so the chance of you encounter a Bugatti on the roads of Nigeria is relatively low).


Bugatti ignited the competition for speed in the auto world 

The top speed of car on Earth: Thrust SSC with 1,288 km/h

Surprisingly, those 3-digit numbers are actually not the highest end in the auto industry. The reason why you know about those cars is that they're mass produced and commercialized. The fastest one is actually a one that uses jet engines, which propels the car forward at a whopping 1,228 km/h speed. The Thrust SSC set the record way back in 1997. The journalist who reported the story only hear the sound of the car when it's way pass him since the car is faster than the speed of sound. If you'd look at the 2 enormous engine of the car below, it should be called a jet without wing:


I think it's illegal to call this monster a car

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The top speed of first car: Benz Velo with 19 km/h

The top number used to be way more humble. Can you guess the number of digits? It's 19 km/h, made in 1894 by the creator Karl Benz. The car was named after the inventor, Benz Velo. Though the number would make some of you giggle, it was actually making lots of headlines back then and, indeed, write the name of Mr. Benz into history. Interestingly, the Benz Velo originated from the African continent and there are in total of 1200 cars were made during its production life.


Over 100 years ago, going 20 km/h was considered a technological breakthrough

Thrust SSC: would you like to sit this test drive?

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