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Only a fragment of the world's population will be able to afford any of these ultra-luxury buses. Click here to see the top luxury buses in the world!

Just when you feel the best interior ends with homes of the super-rich or any luxury apartment buildings out there, new surprises spring up. Here on Naijauto, we believe these buses are not just regular ones you see on the road. Some of these buses could be more expensive than owing a beautiful apartment building. To afford them, you have to be very wealthy. Check out these world’s most luxurious buses in 2019.

1. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ - ₦167.2m

This super luxury coach comes with an elegant design offering a walk-in closet and a master suite. The presence of eight way power seats and cab-forward design put this bus in the category of utility machine for absolute luxury. It also features quartz countertops.


The Entegra Coach is solely designed as an utility machine for utmost luxury

2. Country Coach Magna 630 - ₦178.4m

This luxury and expensive coach comes equipped with Cummins engine producing an output of 600 horsepower, making it very suitable for tough terrain such as the mountain. Thanks to its telescope and tilt wheels. On the inside, it features elegant chairs, queen-sized bed and lots of mouthwatering offers. The fact that Magna 630 comes fitted with a keyless entry touch-pad makes it not only an ultra-luxurious but an advanced bus as well.



The ultra-luxury Country Coach Magna 630 gives the feeling of home comfort while on the move

3. UNICAT Amerigo International - ₦180.2m

This might look like a bus used for exploration considering its sturdy exterior, but don’t be fooled by its outside look. On the inside, it offers a desk space, kitchen and master suite. Although it can be powered using its gas tank of 2000 miles, it still gets power from solar panels. One of the remarkable features of this expensive and rugged bus lies in its ability to decontaminate water using it watermaker, hereby making such water good for drinking.


Don't get carried away by the outside look, the interior is richly furnished to taste and perfection

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4. Monaco Dynasty 45P - ₦211.2m

This is another ultra-luxury bus with a fitted 600horsepwoer Cummings engine. Its ceilings are elegantly decorated by LED, while the floors are made of porcelain tiles. You will find its TV running on the command at the centre. For the available king size bedroom, it offers walls, wardrobes and cedar cabinet.



The Monaco Dynasty 45P is a true definition of super-luxury and absolute road performance

5. Newmar King Aire - ₦266.8m

When it comes to class and luxury, Newmar King looks pretty set to take such glory. The motor coach comes fitted with a Cummins ISX turbo-diesel engine with an output of 600 horsepower. It offers a very roomy kitchen equipped with hardwood cabinet, a dinette ensemble, two villa-sofa of residential space, dryer and washers. Its interior is stylishly decorated with LED and the floors are made of porcelain.

The ultra-luxury Newmar King Aire also has a walk-in bathroom attached to its elegantly designed master bedroom.



This ultra-luxury bus comes fitted with a lushly designed interior beautifully adorned with LED

6. Country Coach Prevost - ₦360.5m

This bus looks like a luxury machine, capable of going through towns and cities. This is obviously not the kind of bus you would take on a long adventurous trip especially on undulating terrain. With a good aerodynamics, the Country Coach Prevost features cabinet made from cedar wood and tiled floors made of porcelain.

Just like the previously mentioned ultra-luxury bus, this one also has a walk-in toilet in its equipped master bedroom. It appears its edges others with the presence of different bathrooms for convenience while traveling.


This luxury bus is most suitable for trips within cities and town in such comfort most will only dream of

7. Foretravel IH-45 luxury Motor Coach - ₦468.7m

This ultra-expensive and elegant bus offers absolute road comfort and class. It comes fitted with 4 roof A/C units and 20,000 kilowatt generator. It features a well decorated walls, designed floor and lots of exciting offers. This bus is uniquely designed for totality in noise reduction.

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With its ultimate noise reduction, this is the kind of bus that offers you a quiet time on the road in luxury

8. Prevost H3-45 VIP - ₦576.8m

This is a newer and more expensive version of Prevost. It looks excellently sleek and very much modern. It features a very high cabin of 12 feet 5 inches. It offers the driver and other occupant o panoramic view. Most recent sofa, marbles tables and modern wooden floor are some of the mouthwatering tings you would enjoy in this magnificent bus.



Looks like we are in a 5-star hotel, not a bus

9. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus - ₦901.3m

This ultra-luxury bus is definitely in the league of its own, with marble steps, pearlized Italian leather, antique bronze, Swarovski crystals and a lot of other super costly added features. This is without any doubt a mobile mansion. It offers king sized master bedroom, tread mill and a plasma TV. It comes equipped with Avic N-2 GPS system. You shouldn’t worry much if you feel like going around with your sports car since it offers a built-in garage for it to fit perfectly.


A moment in this ultra-luxury Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus, you will drown in a thought of being in a mansion

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10. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo - ₦1.08b

This goldmine looks a bit different from other listed ultra-luxury buses and it is super expensive. The interior design of Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo offers features such as marble countertop and wooden floor. This luxury bus has become mobile solitary for oil rich Arab Sheikhs, featuring a staircase inside leading to the upper deck area of the bus.


You really can't blame the oil rich Arab Sheikhs for loving this dream bus. Its interior design is way out of the world

From least to the most expensive, these ultra-luxury buses are way above most people’s pay grade but for those who can afford them, nothing offers more comfort and luxury on the road.

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