Top 8 best electric cars you can have for less than N14million


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Electric cars are not so unaffordable as some people might assume.

Electric vehicles have been considered to be the future of the car industry. The world is gravitating towards electric power in place of carbon-based fuel. However, it seems our beloved Nigeria is still struggling to find out its route to a new era of electric using.

While some cite Nigeria's lack of the electricity supply for why electric cars are not so much patronized by Nigerians, some others argue that the main reason for the unpopularity of electric vehicles in Nigeria is their unaffordable price tags to average Nigerian buyers.

Well, here we make a list of Top 8 electric cars are priced at below N14m, hope you can find one for yourself.

8. Smart Fortwo ED

Angular front of the Smart Fortwo ED

Driving range: 158 km - Price: N8.7m

7. Ford Focus Electric

Angular front of the Ford Focus Electric

Driving range: 185 km - Price: N11 m

6. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Angular front of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Driving range: 180 km- Price: N10.8m

5. Nissan LEAF

Angular front of the Nissan LEAF

Driving range: 135 km - Price: N11m

4. Volkswagen e-Golf

Angular front of the Volkswagen e-Golf

Driving range: 201 km - Price: N11.5m

3. Kia Soul EV

Angular front of theKia Soul EV

Driving range: 179 km - Price: N11.8m

2. Fiat 500e

Angular front of the Fiat 500e

Driving range: 135 km - Price: N12m

1. Chevrolet Bolt

Driving range: 750 km - Price N13.5m

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