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Looking for a car that would be suitable for your family off-road rides and daily commercial delivery? Check out these Top 7 cars with the largest trunk spaces!

Cars are mostly designed to transport people and goods from one location to the other and while the interior is for seating humans, the trunk- or boot as the British call it- is usually reserved for the cargo or goods. 

If sometimes, you could be going for a road trip with the family and you find yourself needing more trunk space to fit the family’s luggage without putting stress on the tyres. Or it could simply be transporting food items like bags of rice, kegs of oil, poultry products etc. from the market to the house and you need that solid car you can trust.

Worry not anymore, for this content serves you with a list of some of the top cars with large trunk spaces to help you meet your need. So depending on what you have in mind, this is sure to help you with a stress-free search.

7. 2014 Volkswagen Passat / ₦4-6 million

Though not a popular brand on the Nigerian scene, the Passat does offer some interesting features in terms of trunk size that makes it worthy of being on the list. It offers a trunk size of about 15 cubic feet, though with the 2020 model you get an increased trunk space of 17 cubic feet.


Photo of the Volkswagen Passat 2014 - Source: Edmunds

The 2014 Passat boasts of an optional V-6 280 horsepower 1.8-litre engine which gives it an “okay” speed. The ease of entry and exit because of its bigger rear seat gives ita family car feel and some have been fitted with a rear camera to provide extra safety. It has great shoulder and leg-room space with big cup holders to help you have a comfortable journey.

The noticeable sound of the wind and road is one glitch to this car but even at that it still does its job adequately. On the Nigerian market, the average cost of this is about 4-6 million naira.

6. 2014 Chevrolet Impala / About ₦9.5 million

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala is one of those answer to the question which mid size cars have largest trunk space. The uniqueness of this car stems from its 15.9 cubic feet trunk size - but can be up to 18.8 cubic feet in newer models - and its 2.5-litre four-cylinder V-6 engine.

It has a maximum of 305 horsepower depending on the version you want and also possesses 10 airbags with blindspot sensors and parking sensors to make the car safer to use. The Chevrolet Impala is also very fuel-efficient.

The average price for a foreign used 2014 Impala goes for about 9.5 million naira.


The Chevrolet Impala 2014 trunk enough for all your needs

5. 2010 Ford Taurus / ₦3-5 million

We are not all about the large and mid-sized SUVs alone, we do take care to keep our list as diverse as possible. If you are a lover of sedan cars and you need one that combines grit, beauty, class and acceptable trunk size, then we have got you covered.


You'll be surprised how a sedan can provide such a huge space

The 2010 Ford Taurus combines speed and handling with it its V-6 3.5-litres 263 horsepower high-speed engine, making it a durable car for you. What's more? It is remarkably fuel-efficient and a massive trunk size totalling about 20 cubic feet to help you with whatever cargo you might want to to carry along with you.

This model also uses adaptive cruise control and a collision warning system, as well as, a Blind-Spot Information and Cross Traffic Alert System to let drivers know of any impending disaster, thus, enhancing safety.

For an average price of 3-5 million nairas, this can be yours. Wondering why this car is on our list?

4. 2013 Mazda CX-5 / ₦4-6 million 


Though Mazda is not a so popular brand in Nigeria, it does not mean it's not a good brand to go

This car does not only have beautiful and outer body features but it also has great handling features that make it easy to drive. While its 155 horsepower with 2.0-litre fuel tank may leave you wanting more, you also get sizable cargo space of about 65 cubic feet from the Mazda CX-5 2013 making it ideal for use when transporting goods. It also helps you save money as it is highly rated in the fuel efficiency department.

The noisy sound it produces when the driver makes a hard acceleration is perhaps its biggest con but even at that it still gives you great value for money.

3. 2008 Toyota Rav4 / ₦3-5 million

If you are the type that likes a minivan, then this spacious might just be your ideal need. It has a cargo space of up to 73 cubic feet and with its ruggedness, it is suitable to drive on and off-road, making it suitable for Nigerian roads.


With the flattened rear seats, the Rav4 2008 is a great choice in terms of cargo space

Number 3 goes to the 2008 Toyota Rav4 which has a unique trunk space of about 73 cubic feet, this car is sure to satisfy your thirst for space.

The SUV which comes in automatic transmission only possesses a 3.5-litre V6 engine with up to 269 horsepower making it indeed a powerful car. It copes in both in hilly terrain and does shy away from carrying a heavy load and if you are the type with more people than luggage, with its ability to carry seven passengers, A Toyota Rav4 2008 for sale is just right for you.

It is also very fuel-efficient, appealing to the eye in terms of beauty and with tyre pressure monitored electronically and sensors to deploy airbags in any case of an impending impact, the Rav4 does not compromise on safety. With about 3-5 million naira, you should be able to get this car and solve that need.

2. 2019 Dodge Durango / ₦16-20 million

With a trunk space of 43.3 cubic feet and a possible 85 cubic feet when the rear rows are flattened, this high-end car gives you good cargo space while allowing you to drive in style and move with speed. The Dodge Durango comes with a V-6 engine of up to 295 horsepower and an 8-speed gearbox with an optional dual exhaust system that helps keep your engine running smoothly.

The 7.0 touchscreen, different USB inputs, three-zone automatic climate control and keyless ignition all contribute to help you and your family have a pleasurable road trip.

The one big disadvantage of this car is that it is not suitable for off-road driving which may be a little problem, particularly when you shuttle between rural roads in Nigeria which are mostly untarred.

Because it is obviously high-end, you should be able to get this for about the price of 16-20 million naira.


1. 2010 Toyota Sienna is the car with the largest trunk space

This 2010 Sienna also has come with a 3.5-litre V-6 engine with 266 horsepower, making sure you don’t compromise on speed and fuel efficiency. It possesses side-impact airbags seats and all three rows of seats have airbags to lay emphasis on safety of the vehicle.


The 2010 Toyota Sienna can get its back row seats folded to provide a total of 148.9 cubic feet

The price of this vehicle goes for an average price of 3.3- 5 million.

We do hope the next time you want to get a car and large trunk space is a factor for you, this list of top cars with large trunk spaces would come in handy. Depending on your budget, you could ask for the newer models of these cars as they tend to come with larger trunk space. Now go get that new ride.

Check out the table below for a quick recap:

Top 7 cars with the largest trunk spaces
 Number Model Model year Trunk space Price
 1 Toyota Sienna 2010 148.9 cubic feet ₦3.3- 5 million
 2 Dodge Durango 2019  85 cubic feet ₦16-20 million
 3 Toyota Rav4 2013  75 cubic feet ₦4-6 million
 4 Mazda CX-5 2008  73 cubic feet ₦3-5 million
 5 Ford Taurus 2010  20 cubic feet ₦3-5 million
 6 Chevrolet Impala 2014

 15.9 cubic feet

~₦9.5 million
 7 Volkswagen Passat 2014  15 cubic feet ₦4-6 million

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