Top 3 exotic and expensive cars commonly used by our Nigerian politicians as official cars


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Did you know that there are some particular exotic and expensive cars commonly used by our Nigerian politicians as official cars? See out top 3 picks here now!

Think cars in Nigeria, Think

It is a common saying among the Nigeria adults that “if wishes were horses, even the beggars will ride”, no wonder most Nigerians love to show off in affluence and wealth especially with exotic and expensive cars like in the case of our politicians.

According to a 2014 public report, Nigerian legislators happen to be paid the most compared to all their counterparts from all over the world. This is as a result of the whopping ₦612 million ($1.7 million) annual salary of Nigerian senators and ₦522 million ($1.45million) annual salary of Nigerian House of Representatives’ members. Anyone would agree that this kind of money can buy one any form of luxury whatsoever.

One cannot overemphasize the love that Nigerians generally have for cars especially when you take a look at the garage and car collections of our celebrities, business magnates, and politicians.

We have however paid close attention to the most common exotic and expensive cars that top Nigerian politicians prefer to use a lot, including the Nigeria President as well. And we have come up with these top 3 picks that are just too common and loved than many others. See them below:

1. Mercedes-Benz S550

Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki, Vice President, Osinbanjo, Nigerian incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, and many other governors, as well as celebrities all, have one common love for the Mercedes Benz brand. From our investigations, we have even discovered that 80% of Nigerian governors adopted Mercedes Benz as the brand for their official cars while others simply have at least one Mercedes Benz vehicle in their official cars collection if not the main car.


Armored Mercedes Benz S550 - Official car of the Nigerian incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari

If you don’t know, the Nigerian incumbent president – Muhammadu Buhari uses an Armored version of the exotic Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic sedan car as his official car and not just him alone, the Vice President as well uses the same.


President Muhammadu Buhari’s official car - Can you spot the Mercedes Benz Logo?

You should not wonder too much why the Mercedes Benz brand is so loved and accepted among Nigerian wealthy elites. It is a simple truth that the brand has been tested over time and it has proven its worth in terms of durability and reliability to many Nigerians, which is why they find it hard to not own at least one Mercedes Benz vehicle in their garage.

Mercedes Benz has simply won our hearts long ago. No, be today!

2. Land Rover Range Rover

This is another brand that has received massive attention and acceptance from rich Nigerians over the years now. Although, up till now, we have only seen 2 Nigerian governors use a Range Rover SUV as their official car. This could be as a result of it being very expensive compared to other exotic cars and if this is the case then, we give big ups to these two governors who have stood out among all.

These governors are; River state governor (Wike) and Lagos State governor (Ambode).


Rivers State governor - Wike’s official Range Rover SUV

The Range Rover Sentinel that these two governors use as official vehicle costs around ₦50 million to ₦70 million to acquire. Yes, it’s that expensive to buy just one, only the biggest boys could have such toys.


Lagos State governor – Ambode’s official Range Rover

Let’s take a minute to wow you with the details of these exotic and highly expensive Range Rover Sentinel.

This vehicle is tuned to a certified VR8 standard such that it can withstand a QinetiQ ballistic threat i.e. this SUV can withstand a high-velocity 7.62 mm, armor-piercing incendiary rounds and it can also withstand TNT 33lb (15kg) explosions, as well as DM51 grenades too even if the grenades are set to go off beneath the vehicle’s floor and roof at the simultaneously. It also has an auxiliary type of back-up battery featuring a split charging system, a self-sealing fuel tank, and an anti-tamper exhaust as well. What a machine, isn’t it?

3. Lexus LX 570

Apart from Mercedes Benz or Land Rover’s Range Rover, another brand that is usually found in most Nigerian politicians’ garage is the Lexus LX series especially the Lexus LX 570.


Governor Yahaya Bello’s Lexus LX 570 SUV (official car)

Top politicians of Imo, Oyo, and Ogun state are most popular for adopting this vehicle brand as their official car due to its luxury yet a simple lifestyle. Governor Yahaya Bello uses this SUV as his official car as well. And this particular Lexus LX570’s armored version used by the politicians is found to cost around ₦50 million to ₦100 million currently.

These are currently the top 3 ones we have picked to discuss at this time, meanwhile, if you want to see complete list and review of top Nigerian celebrities cars and houses navigate here: Foreign and Nigerian Celebrity cars, houses and net worth.

Oluwaseun Solomon
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