Fan votes: Top 12 ugliest cars in Nigeria

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This compilation is collected from fan votes on our Instagram post asking what the ugliest car in Nigeria is.

Some time back, I did a question and answer session on my Instagram @234drive, asking my followers what car is the ugliest cars that live in Nigeria. It was then I knew truly that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Do you think there is any car that is ugly?

I just feel because the beauty of a car not appealing to us doesn’t mean another person won’t love the car. Most ugly cars are just weird looking cars that are results of automobile manufacturers trying out new designs. I took down the top 12 cars that were mentioned by Nigerians as being ugly and the reason for their ugliness. Most of these cars were produced for only one generation maybe because the world actually felt they were ugly and didn't make the car have a good sales record. So here are the 12 ugliest cars in Nigeria! Just dive in!

1. Nissan X-Terra

The boxy/circular headlights on this generation of the X-terra and the merging of plastic onto the body made people call it out as ugly. The X-TERRA, however, was a common SUV amongst Nigerians that a lot of people liked. I wasn’t shocked it made the list anyway.


2000 Nissan X-Terra

2. Nissan Juke

This car has a weird placement of the headlight that seems like having eyes on the head rather than on the face. This is the only reason why about 7 people called out this car as being ugly though I know a Nigerian Lady that owns this car and thinks it’s the most beautiful car ever.


Nissan Juke

3. Pontiac Aztek:

Not a common SUV in Nigeria but the car has a weird and distorted headlight arrangement. It also has a funny rear-end design that makes it ranks the second ugliest car in the world in Nigerian opinions.

The sanity of the designer is always questioned whenever an AZTEK discussion comes up but this car still had a fair sales record and was used in the popular TV series “Breaking bad” 


2004 Pontiac Aztek

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4. Mercedes-Benz GLK:

I was shocked to find this car on the mentions and it was by two different people saying it is the ugliest Benz vehicle alive today. The GLK is a small-sized SUV that Benz started producing from 2008 till 2015 


2008 Mercedes-Benz GLK

5. Fiat Multipla:

This car is a family vehicle by FIAT that looks the weirdest in my opinion. 2 people had seen it in Nigeria back in the early 2000s and one person said he almost puked.

It has a 2 step body structure with 2 stages of headlights places on each segment of the car’s pillar. This car was designed like this to have a large interior space and bigger headroom for passengers. It seats 3 in front and 3 at the rear.

15 people called out this car for being the ugliest car ever. 


2002 Fiat Multipla

6. Nissan Primera Estate:

A lady mentioned this car saying it looks like a coffin with four tyres


1994 Nissan Primera LX Estate

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7. Honda CR-V:

The first generation Honda CR-V was also on this mention as ugly because the shape barely had curves. People have forgotten it’s a comfortable runabout vehicle that was built for maximum passenger comfort. Curves don’t allow for a uniform headroom. 


2004 Honda CR-V

8. Honda Element:

This SUV has a 2 tone paint scheme and a boxy/plastic body structure. I didn’t like it at first because it looked weird but now I can comfortably tell you that I need one in my life. It got 4 calls as ugly maybe for the same reasons I didn’t like it initially.


2006 Honda Element

9. Toyota Prado:

One person said all the models of the Toyota Prado have been ugly because of the way the grille mismatches with the body of the car. The man feels it could have looked better but until then it remains ugly to him.  


2003 Toyota Prado

10. Ssangyong Cars:

Ssangyong is a Chinese automobile manufacturer and everyone that mentioned Ssayong said all the models are ugly. Wow! not even one is appealing to Nigerians? They have very original designs that nobody has seen before and I start to think maybe that’s why these cars are termed ugly. 


A 2005 Ssangyong car

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11. Toyota Previa:

This is a minivan that was in existence before the Toyota Sienna arrived. The Previa is called ugly because it has a bland shape looking like a WHALE. Whales aren’t ugly, they just look weird.


1998 Toyota Previa

You are number 12! I mean you get to decide which is the number 12 ugliest car by sending me a mail Let me know what you think about this list of 12 ugliest cars in Nigeria.

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