2019 Top 10 most powerful countries’ passports in the world


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Many people don't know that there are weak and powerful countries' passports. See 2019 top 10 most powerful countries’ passports here now, dive in!

Up until now, only a few people are aware that there is powerful and weak countries’ passport. From our research, we have realized that owning some countries’ passports gives you more opportunity than others and this is why we have decided to share the 2019 list of top most powerful passport with you. But before we dive in;

Quick Disclaimer: Naijauto.com did not make up the below list just out of nowhere, it is completely based on the popularly recognized Henley Passport Index and rankings. And they have done a good job explaining their ranking process to be done based on the total number of accessible destinations available to the passport holders without a preceding visa. Also, the rankings you will be seeing below are based on exclusive data from IATA (International Air Transport Association) – they maintain the most accurate and largest travel information database in the world.


Some passports are more powerful than the others with access to more travel destinations

In case you are wondering how the calculations are done, here it is:

A particular country’s passport gets a score value of 1 for each travel destination if a prior visa isn’t required for its holders. Also, a score value of 1 is applied if a country’s passport holder is permitted to obtain a visa upon arrival, or a visitor’s permit, and even if it is an ETA (electronic travel authority) when he/she reaches the destination. These types of visa require absolutely no government approval at pre-departure because of all the Visa-waiver programs that have been put in place.

Furthermore, a score value zero (0) is assigned where any holder of a passport is required to obtain a visa or an e-Visa (electronic visa) that is government approved before departure. If for any passport the holders need a government approval pre-departure for an eventual Visa on his/her arrival, a score value zero is also given such passport as a “visa-free” scenarios are not considered.

Under the above-defined conditions, for each passport, the number of accessible destinations that require no visa gets the passport a score value = 1

So, with all that said, you should by now understand that all passports are not the same, some are definitely more powerful than the others and as a result, offers more freedom than the weak ones.

Below is a list we excerpted which comprises the top 10 most powerful countries’ passports in the world. Pay attention to some position that has a tie between different countries. See them below:

1. Japan

This passport gives you comfortable access to travel to 190 destinations all over the world. It is the most powerful passport in the world currently.


People with Japan passports can get free access to 190 countries

2. Singapore and South Korea

The second position on the list is a tie between 2 Asian countries – South Korean and Singapore. Their passports currently stand out to be the second position among the most powerful in the world. These passports give access to 189 travel destinations all over the world.

3. France and Germany

Another tie isn’t it? With a Germany or France passport, you have access to 188 travel destinations across the globe.

4. Denmark, Italy, Finland, and Sweden

These four countries’ passport gives you access to travel to 187 destinations around the world.

5. Spain and Luxembourg

With these countries passport, you will gain access to 186 destinations around the world.

6. United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, and Austria

Oh yes, even the US and UK passports tied with 5 other countries at the sixth position and will only give you access to 185 destinations around the world.


Even the USA ties with 6 other countries to rank 6th

7. Ireland, Greece, Canada, and Belgium

These passports give access to 184 travel destinations to their holders.

8. Czech Republic

Yes, this country’s passport sits comfortably at the 8th position on the list with no tie as it gives access to 183 destinations around the world.

9. Malta

Another lone passport with no position tie. It gives access to 182 destinations worldwide.

10. New Zealand, Iceland, and Australia

And the last position on the list was another tie! These countries’ passports give you access to 181 destinations all around the world.


The Japan passport- the most powerful passport in the world

Video: Top Most Powerful Passports Of 2019

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