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Maybe you have seen a lot of weird cars in the world but the following vehicles still give you a wow!!

Maybe you have seen a lot of weird cars in the world but the following vehicles will surprise you.

These odd-looking vehicles seem to be designed just for the uniqueness, creativity, not daily use due to their strange features. Some have only 3 wheels, some are too small and most have low bodies. Maybe these cars are made for people who have odd tastes.

Check out the 10 most odd-looking vehicles in the world right now.


1. Peel P50

 the Peel P50

The smallest vehicle in the world, the Peel P50 

The Peel P50 comes with only three wheels, single headlight, and one seat. The car has won the title of the smallest vehicle in the world of the Guinness Book of World Record for more than fifty years.

The first Peel P50 cars were made on the Isle of Man by Cyril Cannell, the owner of Peel Engineering Firm in the 1960s. Meanwhile, the last 50 vehicles were produced in 1964. One of them now is sold at the price of $120,000 and the car’s owner is Jeremy Clarkson, a broadcaster.

2. 1948 Tasco

 the 1984 Tasco

General Motors used the 1984 Tasco for producing its 1968 Corvette

Another odd-looking car is the 1948 Tasco, an intelligent piece. The plane car was created by Gordon Buehrig and sold for the Tasco (The American Sports Car Company). It attracts the car lover’s attention with its absurd front fenders which are able to turn when this car runs.

General Motors used the 1984 Tasco for producing its 1968 Corvette and had to pay Buehrig compensation as a result.

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Aptera Typ-2

The 3-wheel car’s original name is Aptera Typ-1

The 3-wheel car’s original name was Aptera Typ-1. In 2010, a California-base company changed its name to the current name, Aptera Type-2. The first Aptera Typ-2 was a battery car that was able to go from 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) in less than 10s. The next-generation model was the plug-in hybrid electric car and both of them were sold at the price from US$20,000s to US$40,000s.

Unluckily, this odd-looking vehicle has no longer produced. It was discontinued halfway and the carmaker paid back the deposit to those who ordered this car.

4. 2012 ETV

The 2012 ETV

The 2012 ETV is appreciated as the most odd-looking but beautiful car globally

Called the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle, the 2012 ETV is considered the most beautiful odd-looking car in the world. The special car seems to be made for the future with such features as supercharged 2.0 L petrol four-cylinder engine and upward folding doors.

The designer of this car, Micheal Vetter, has put the car on sale at the price of $100,000 on eBay.

5. Nissan S Cargo

Nissan S Cargo

Nissan S Cargo 

The Japanese car maker seems to try to break the regular car design book and tried even harder to make an odd an ugly car.

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6. Bond Bug

the Bond Bug

Tom Karen designed the Bond Bug featuring two seats, a tilting cabin top, and canvas

Bond Bug was manufactured after Reliant purchased Bond. Reliant is one of the largest three-wheeler manufacturing firms, but the Bond Bug is the pure odd-looking 3-wheeler car the company manufactured.

Tom Karen designed the car featuring two seats, a tilting cabin top, and canvas. Although the Bond Bug was made for the young market, there were only 2,268 units sold in the first four years. After that, the sales went up and the car has become a small hit of the company.

7. Corbin Sparrow

The Cobin Sparrow

To be suitable for running on city roads, the electric car is equipped with three-wheel, single-seat

The Corbin Sparrow has once been discontinued, but it has recently come back and popularly called Myers Motor NmG. Suitable for running on city roads, the electric car has three wheels and a single seat. 

8. Norman Timbs Special

Norman Timbs Special

Inspired by various Pre-World War II race vehicles, the car has purely 47 inches high

Norman E. Timbs is a famous designer who gave births to extremely out of this world products. One of them is “Blue Crown Special”. Norman Timbs Special is also an amazing streamliner he designed in the 1940s.

Inspired by various Pre-World War II race vehicles, the car measures purely 47 inches in height from ground to the top of the windshield, meanwhile, it offers a 117-inch wheelbase.

9. Bugatti Type 57s Aérolithe

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

There are only two Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic cars in the world

The Bugatti Type 57s Aérolithe was designed by Jean, Ettore’s son for the Paris motor show 1935. This prototype which is sweet in not only the design but also its operation features super-light magnesium body.

There are only two Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic cars produced in the world and one of them belonged to Ralph Lauren. Lauran bought his car for over $40 million.

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10. General Motors Firebird I

General Motors Firebird I

This Firebird I which is still very interesting is the first car coming with gas turbine and manufactured and tested in the US

The General Motor Firebird I looks similar to a fighter aircraft. Therefore, it might not be suitable to drive this odd-looking car in the city. This interesting car is the first one coming with a gas turbine and was manufactured and tested in the US. The legendary General Motors Styling Vice President, Harley J. Earl brought the idea of the Firebird I.

Which car do you like the most? If possible, which one do you want to own?

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