Top 10 less powerful African Countries’ Passports


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The Nigerian passport ranks the 42nd.

You should trust to always bring you this type of undiscovered or undisclosed information. By the time you see all the countries on the list below, you will be amazed.

We would like to first mention and emphasize that we did not make up the list you are about to see below, it is completely based on the popularly recognized Henley Passport Index and rankings. And they have explained their rankings to be done based on the total number of accessible destinations available to the passport holders without a preceding visa. Also, the rankings are based on exclusive data from IATA (International Air Transport Association) – they maintain the most accurate and largest travel information database in the world.


Nigerian passports ranks the 91st worldwide

Just before the list, we would like to express that it was kind of a bit disappointing after we gathered all the below information only to realize that our dear Nation Nigeria is currently ranked very low and happens to be among these weakest passport countries.

Nigerian passport currently stands as the 91st most powerful passport in the world and 42nd in Africa as a whole as it actually allows visa-free access to a total of 47 destinations Lol. That’s what the record says, don’t ask us why. Although, its nothing compared to Somalia’s Passport which is the least powerful in Africa 😊.

Below is our discovered list of the top 9 less powerful African Countries’ Passports:

Top 9 less powerful African Countries’ Passports
 Country  African Ranking Global Ranking No. of Visa-Free Access Countries
Nigeria   42 91 47
 Burundi 45  92 46
 Djibouti  46 93 45
 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  47 95 43
Ethiopia   48 96 42
 Libya  49 97 41
 South Sudan  51 99 39
 Eritrea  53 100 38
 Somalia  54 103 32

There you go, the list of top 9 least powerful African Countries’ Passports.


Somalia has the weakest passport in Africa

After going through the list, and seeing the rankings of some other African countries, we could almost not even complain anymore about Nigeria Lol. But, remember we are the giant of Africa so, we should try to take the lead and stand out among the rest.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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