420 Marijuana Day Celebration. Check out the Top 10 cars for Extra fun


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4/20 - a special day for smokers to get high and it would be even more special if you are a car enthusiast! Check out Naijauto's Top cars for 420 celebrations!

The 420 celebration (April 20) is a day enthusiasts and smokers of marijuana set aside to celebrate the use of Igbo around the globe annually especially in the US where the  420 origin can be traced. I am almost certain a large chunk of our population will absolutely connect with the 420 celebrations, considering that millions of Nigerians are active smokers of the world-famous cannabis.

Though the use of marijuana aka Igbo is still not legal in Nigeria yet, there has been a growing call for the legalization of the substance, at least for medical purposes. Only early this year, the Governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu came out to say that his state government will be legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and will be investing state resources in starting a huge marijuana farm as a means of tapping into the $145 billion marijuana market. Music producer Don Jazzy seems to tow the line of Governor Akeredolu, in a social media post last year, Don himself wondered why the country has not seen the need to legalized weed and get involved in the growing cannabis industry which has been projected to hit the $200 Billion mark by 2030.

Anyways this article will focus less on the controversial aspect of marijuana but will be more about the Top 10 cars for 420 Celebration 2020. The best possible cars to have a crazy hotboxing in or those cabriolets that adds extra spice to the whole 420 cannabis culture celebration. So if you one of those that prefer to cover your shit up with little trace, then the cabriolets we will highlight here should be your choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy the craziness of hotboxing with little care of the police walking in, then our top tips for hotboxing will surely be your choice.


Note: What is Hotboxing? Well the Urban dictionary defines Hotboxing as "The practice of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space in order to maximize the narcotic effect"

Top cars for Hotboxing at 420

I'm sure a number of guys have tried out the whole hotboxing thing and will definitely jump on an opportunity to do it again. If you've not tried it before, well be rest assured that you will definitely get high even if you've not lighted a single rap. And oh lest I forget, sometime in 2015, it was reported that Pope Francis was seen Hotboxing with three other persons in a 1984 Renault 4 vehicle. Oh so sorry, that's too much info already, we better head back to our highlight of top cars for Hotboxing at 420.

1. Toyota Camry Big Daddy

The Toyota Camry Big Daddy is one of the first cars you should consider taking out for your hotboxing spree. Going by its name, the big daddy is just as spacious on the inside just as it looks on the outside. It offers a considerable leg and headroom for you and your friends to have all the space you need for the evening. That I keep saying evening doesn't mean that you can't hotbox in the day, but you should know that it's just so dicey to do that in this heat and could pose issues of traffic safety.


The Toyota Camry Big Daddy is just as Comfy on the inside

2. Toyota FJ Cruiser

If you own a Toyota FJ Cruiser then you're surely game for a good hotboxing with a few friends. The FJ Cruiser which is a close cousin of the Toyota Land Cruiser offers enough cabin space for you and your guys to fill with excess smoke coming from your cannabis wraps. 


Be sure of some executive class in the FJ Cruiser


Who wouldn't love to have a go on some weed in this spacious thing

3. Toyota Venza

This is surely a car built for the hotboxing experience offering just enough interior space if you have time on your hands.

The Toyota Venza has its seats dressed in fine cloth material, over soft and comfortable seats that come with Lumbar support for the driver. The front passenger seat offers a 4-way adjustment control while the driver seat can be adjusted in 8 ways with even the rear head restraint allowing for 3-way adjustment. The rear seats come in the 60-40 configuration with front and rear seat armrest available. This means that you can be comfortably seated with little stress and sure get your 420 vibes in peace... lol. 


The Toyota Venza used to be one of the most expected models


The way the seats are built means you'll surely have a blast hotboxing

4. Mercedes Benz V-Class

So we couldn't complete the list devoid of a Mercedes Benz model and our list is blessed with this beauty from the Benz clan, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. These models were surely Mercedes's reply to all the other space bus models in the market. The V-class makes sure you and your friends enjoy the exclusive and executive Mercedes Benz hotboxing 420 vibes. 


The more the merrier


How about an Exclusive Mercedes Benz hotboxing experience

5. Honda Civic

If you intend to have a more intense kind of hotboxing experience, then you'll surely need a more compact ride like the Honda Civic. Older models of the Civic are also just fine and surely 420 friendly even as they offer lower cabin space which should really serve the purpose of having an intense 420 hotboxing.


The large room in the interior promises so much fun


The Honda Civic offers a compact car for an intense Hotboxing experience

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6. Honda Element

Another model from Japanese automaker Honda makes our list of top picks for the best cars for Hotboxing as you enjoy the whole 420 vibes and celebration. Even though the production of the Honda Element was discontinued as far back as 2011, there still remains a good number of these SUVs in the hand of hundreds if not thousands of Nigerians. The SUV offers that feeling of class and is obviously spacious enough to accommodate as much as 5 persons and maybe more depending on how you guys want it. 


The Honda Element was discontinued in 2011


The car allows you to have 5 friends to enjoy hotboxing with

7. Honda Odyssey

If you have the Honda Odyssey packed in your compound irrespective of the years model you own, then you should be excited about this-year 420 celebration especially if you enjoy hotboxing. The Odyssey, which falls in the spacebus body style, offers adequate space to comfortably accommodate as much as 8 persons as you try out hotboxing.


Invite some 8 friends for your Odyssey 420 Experience

Top convertibles and Open-air cars for 420

8. Bentley Continental GT Convertible

For those that prefer the open-air feel for smoking weed and having a share in the 420 day of weed, then the Bentley Continental GT convertible should do the magic. So if you want to keep to a class and feel the crazy whole  420 vibes blow your hair in every direction, then the Continental GT convertible gives you all these. 

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420 with luxury vibes?


The 2020 model of this ride starts at about ₦84 Million

9. Toyota Solara Cabriolet

Toyota models are super popular in Nigeria and make a large chunk of the over 11 million cars on Nigerian roads. The Toyota Solara convertible offers that sense of freedom with a much lower price tag. Solara can easily accommodate about 5 persons and if you guys get in the hotboxing mood, all you need do is roll back the cover.


The Solara Cabriolet can accommodate about 5 persons


You get a chance to hotbox too with the Solara convertible

10. Peugeot 206

The Peugeot 206 happens to be the only model from the Peugeot clan to make it to our top 10 cars for the 420 celebrations. As you already know, Peugeot loves the manual transmission and it comes standard in the 206 models. So if you need to do the 420 celebrations the Peugeot way, then you should consider dusting off your 206 model as you prepare for the 20th of April. 

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The 206 allows you that intimate and private 402 experience


The Peugeot 206 is a solid choice for your 420 open-air experience


The above are our Top 10 cars for 420 celebration, we have a quick recap in the table down below:

Top 10 cars for 420
 N/O Car model
7 cars for hotboxing
1  Toyota Camry Big Daddy
2  Toyota FJ Cruiser
3  Toyota Venza
4  Mercedes Benz V-Class
5  Honda Civic
6  Honda Element
7  Honda Odyssey
 3 convertibles and open air cars for 420
8  Bentley Continental GT Convertible
9 Toyota Solara Cabriolet
10 Peugeot 206

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