A visit to the toilet saves 75-year-old man from being crushed by car


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The lucky old man was saved by a visit to the toilet or else he would have been crushed by a car right inside his sitting room. Read the details below!

A 75-year-old man was fortunate enough to have escaped not being crushed to death by a car that rammed into his parlor when he stood up to go to the toilet.

Stan Miler, disabled, was busy watching TV in his sitting room in Arbury, a city in Cambridge when a Vauxhall Corsa car busted his wall, driving into the parlor.


Moments Stan went to the loo, the car came crashing into the spot he was sitting on

According to the lucky old man,

If I hadn't got up for the loo I don't know if I'd be here, but I am just glad the driver was not hurt,

British police said the driver passed the legal alcohol limit for drivers, three times over. The 32-year-old driver was charged with drink-driving, ruining a property with criminal intent and driving without insurance and driver's license.


The old man's sitting room as the car came crashing in

The black car was reported to have veered off a junction at Campkin road in North Cambridge and smashed through Stan's wooden fence, passed his driveway and rammed into the bungalows wall and windows before stopping inside his parlor.

The crash shattered the bricks and glasses and while looking at the damages, Stan said,

I think someone must have been looking out for me

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75-year-old Stan has grown fond of his house as he's been living in it for over 20 years

He has been living in the house for over 20 years and wasn't about to leave the house, even after the damage.

He said,   

I'm not leaving my home, but I think that wall's got to come out.

I think they are going to make me leave today

His daughter who stays close by was shocked and scared when she heard what happened. However, she was thankful that her father wasn't hurt.

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