Togo paints and dedicates a special road to African Football star, Emmanuel Adebayor


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African Football star, Emmanuel Adebayor now has an entire road specially painted with his name alone. This is a photo he snapped on the road!

One cannot talk about the top 10 richest African footballers or the most famous soccer superstars in Africa without mentioning the name of Emmanuel Adebayor. He is one of the most successful professional footballers Africa has produced for the world to date. No wonder he now has an entire road specially painted with just his name in his Togo hometown.


African Football star, Emmanuel Adebayor poses on a special road painted with his name in Togo

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Many people often get confused about why Emmanuel Adebayor's name sounds Nigerian but he is mostly associated with the African country Togo. Let us clear the confusion; the talented football start was actually born on the 26th of February 1984 in the city of Lome in Togo. He was born to a Nigerian family of Yoruba descent which explains why he bears a purely Yoruba name.

Emmanuel Adebayor has played in many international soccer leagues and also played for quite a number of notable French, English and foreign clubs at the peak of his career. Some of these clubs where Adebayor had huge achievements in his career include;

  • Monaco
  • Arsenal
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Crystal Palace
  • Istanbul Başakşehir

Having played for such popular and big football clubs like the ones listed above, one can expect as usual that Emmanuel Adebayor’s cars, houses, life and net worth would surely be rated among the top in Africa. As a matter of fact, Emmanual Adebayor is so rich and successful a soccer player that he is currently listed among the Best African footballers.

Check out this video that showcases some chilling moments of best Emmanuel Adebayor’s goals and skills;

  Emmanuel Adebayor Best Skills & Goals

How many footballers do you know that has a special road painted with their name like Emmanuel Adebayor?

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