Toddler dies when forgotten in hot car by father


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Fatal carelessness? A 1-year-old has died after her father forgot her in a hot Jeep vehicle. How could this have happened?

An innocent one-year-old has lost her life to the criminal carelessness of her father in Florida, USA. The toddler was forgotten in the back seat of a car after her father stepped out, and drove away in another car.


Police officers at the scene of the incident

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Body of the baby girl was found by her mother in the Jeep, and she reported the case to the Police. By the time the Police arrived at the scene, the baby had stopped breathing. She was confirmed dead at a hospital in the area where she was taken to.

Speaking on the incident, an officer of the police department in Tempa, Steve Hegarty, stated that the entire family was busy that morning. In the heat of trying to attend to everybody, the father forgot that the baby was still in the car, which he used to run errands that morning. Done with his errands, he got into another car, and drove off to work.

Temperature in the city at the time was recorded at 88. With humidity included, it was heightened to 100 degrees.

Records by the National Safety Council shows that this death was the 48th of babies forgotten in a hot car. No fewer than 38 children below the age of 15 die due to heatstroke every year in the country.

In a bid to stop these accidental deaths, automakers are working to ensure that rear seat reminders are installed in most cars from 2025. This is very commendable as the attention of parents and handlers will be drawn to their babies in the car if they forget them for any reason.

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