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Would you like to know just how much money Tiwa Savage has and if she owns a private jet or not? This article discusses her net worth, cars, houses, and more!

Year in, year out – it is often recorded that Nigerian music travels far and wide to several countries around the world. This explains why top players in the Nigerian music industry like Tiwa Savage has gained so much popularity and international recognition over the years.

There have been so many Tiwa Savage songs that went viral in the past and have earned her the high ranking that she enjoys in the industry today. Her level of success explains why many people are usually curious to know about Tiwa Savage house, cars, and her personal life. In this article, we have helped solve some of these curiosities by revealing authentic information we could gather about the Nigerian singer from reliable sources and how impressive Tiwa Savage net worth is. Read on to find out!!


Tiwa Savage is undeniably one of Nigeria’s finest musicians as of today

1. Tiwa Savage's Bio

Quite a number of times, people tend to just assume and share false information about popular people like musicians, politicians, movie actors, actresses, and the likes. In order to make Tiwa Savage bio very clear, we have duly highlighted and discussed one after the other each genuine info that we could find below:

1.1. Tiwa savage's Age

Most fans of Tiwa Savage music are fond of asking questions like: how old is Tiwa Savage or what is Tiwa Savage age?

After listening to some Tiwa Savage hit tracks, one can easily guess that people often ask these questions because of the soft kind of “baby” voice she sometimes sings with. Well, she is just naturally gifted with a soft “young girl” voice; but in reality, Tiwa Savage is actually 40 years old.

According to Wikipedia, Tiwa Savage date of birth is February 5, 1980, and she was born in the popular Isale Eko area of Lagos state.

1.2. Tiwa Savage's family

For those people always asking what is Tiwa Savage real name? Well, it is Tiwatope Savage. Yes, she kept her stage name very similar to her real name, unlike other musicians. And ever since she rose to fame, all of the top Tiwa Savage news that often creates debate among Nigerians are usually centred around her family and marital affairs.

According to reliable sources, Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun was officially Tiwa Savage husband between 2013 and 2016. Wikipedia also confirms this info about Tiwa Savage marriage and some other information about her marital life.

Some of these records claim that Tiwa Savage wedding was elegantly celebrated in Lekki, Nigeria and Armani Hotel in Dubai between 2013 to 2014.


Tiwa Savage often shower lover on her son, Jamil Balogun and has many times shared adorable photos of him on social media

Also, Jamil Balogun is the real name of Tiwa Savage child which she had with Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun during their short-lived marriage.

Rumours have it that Nigerian music superstar Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are having an affair but we are yet to see any official confirmation of this claim till date.

Many people believe that Tiwa Savage height will not let her feel comfortable dating Wizkid because she’s taller while others believe that height has nothing to do with true love. But in any case, we are still taking the rumours with a grain of salt.


Back in 2019, fans went “gaga” after Wizkid squeezed Tiwa Savage’s butt live on stage at the OneAfricaMusicFest

2. Tiwa Savage's Net worth

Records have it that Tiwa Savage has been making huge success in music for quite a long time abroad before she even moved back to Nigeria and became a superstar.

Yes, as a matter of fact – Tiwa Savage has reportedly made music with international artistes like Mya, Monica, Kat Deluna, and Akon long before coming to Nigeria.

Sources also claim that she did background vocals for Whitney Houston’s popular album “I Look to You”. This is one of the reasons why we no one can actually say which is Tiwa Savage first song.

But Tiwa Savage came back to Nigeria, she has been dishing out one hit track after another and “killing” almost every show since the launch of her 2013 debut album titled “Once upon a time”. All the great achievements combined together have helped the talented young Diva to gain massive wealth and a current estimated net worth of ₦8.18 Billion ($21 Million).


Tiwa Savage’s huge success in music has helped her to become one of the richest musicians in Nigeria till date

For those who don’t know, Tiwa Savage signed her record deal with Mavin Records in the year 2012 and it was after then she released hit tracks like “Eminado”, “Without My Heart”, “Gbona”, and “Kele Kele Love” in 2013. Following the huge success of those tracks, she was nominated for several awards including the 2014 Headies award and later in 2015 – she dropped the evergreen single “My Darlin”.

3. Tiwa Savage cars, private jet, and houses

Being among the top 10 richest musicians in Nigerian, Tiwa Savage is well-known to be a huge fan of exotic cars, houses, and luxury lifestyle. There have been many times that headlines of major news outlets would reveal how Tiwa Savage flaunts new exotic cars or beautiful houses and the likes. Below is a highlight of just a few parts of Tiwa Savage’s luxury lifestyle;

3.1. Tiwa Savage's cars

With an estimated net worth of over ₦8.18 Billion, Tiwa Savage can afford most of the popular luxury cars in the world and that’s exactly what she has been doing. Yes, sometimes last year – we published a post that revealed the moment Tiwa Savage got her customized Mercedes-Benz V-Class delivered to her house for ₦15 million delivery cost. From our research, the luxury van itself comes with a whopping ₦60 million price tag excluding shipping and taxes.


Tiwa Savage flaunts her luxury Mercedes-Benz Van as she shares a happy moment with her son, Jamil

>>> Follow the original post: Tiwa Savage poses in her expensive Mercedes van with her son and mum

Despite being a fan of a luxury lifestyle, Tiwa Savage isn’t really one of such celebrities that talks much about her cars or shares photos of them. However, some of the other Tiwa Savage cars that we are aware of include;

  • Red Volkswagen EOS Convertible worth ₦3.8 million
  • 2013 Toyota Prado SUV worth ₦17.42 million

3.2. Tiwa Savage's private jet

As of this day, there is yet to be any proof or official record of a Tiwa Savage private jet even though some fans are arguing that she’s rich enough to afford one. However, there are several photos on Tiwa Savage Instagram page, @tiwasavage – which she obviously snapped while enjoying a good time on a private jet. Check out two of such photos below;


It is still unclear whether Tiwa Savage owns a private jet or not but she sure does enjoy the comfort

3.3. Tiwa Savage's Houses

While there are several claims that Tiwa Savage owns lots of houses in Nigeria and overseas. We are only aware of the ₦75 million Mansion that she purchased in the highly coveted Richmond Gate Estate at Lekki, Lagos Nigeria back in 2018. Below is a beautiful photo of the luxurious mansion;


This is Tiwa Savage’s ₦75 million Mansion in Lekki, Nigeria

If you want to see other cars and luxury assets that many people believe Tiwa Savage owns, check out this video below;


How rich is Tiwa Savage in 2020? All her Mansions, Cars, Luxuries, Assets & Source of Income

4. Conclusion

No one can possibly know every single detail about Tiwa Savage net worth, cars, private jet, houses, and the likes. But all we have mentioned above are compilations of authentic information which we gathered through research from reliable sources before putting them in this article. Enjoy other interesting car news on Naijauto.com!!

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