Tinted glass permit in Nigeria: 3 interesting facts you should know!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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You still delay registering for the vehicle tinted glass permit? Do it now if you don’t want to get stuck in trouble. Check below for interesting facts around tinted glass permit in Nigeria!

Previously in Nigeria, every person could drive a tinted car on road. Yet now, everything has changed and tint permit becomes one among compulsory documents that drivers must show to officers at checkpoints.

Fortunately, getting a tinted glass permit in Nigeria is possible, and before you require one, don’t forget to check these three important facts that Naijauto.com has piled up for you.  

1. Non-factory tint or Nylon tint can be accepted

The tint permit can be issued for people under only two conditions: medical and security reasons.

In case of security reason, people, especially government officials can require for the permit to ensure their privacy and security. For the second reason, you must prove that you have health problems like eyes issues, skin allergies, etc, and have no way else but for protecting yourself from the sun rays (by medical reports from the Federal Medical Center).

The fact is the tint permit is for factory tinted glass only but you have an acceptable reason like health issues, you still can ask for a nylon tint permit, and no one can stop you at the checkpoint for so long.

2. The permit costs zero:

Have you paid just 10k, ₦15k, or ₦20k to get your vehicle a tint permit? Actually, it’s free.

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The tint permit now is among must-have documents of drivers

3. You can apply for the permit online

Now acquiring for tinted glass permit becomes quite easy as you can apply it online. You just need to visit the official website of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and follow all instructions given on the site http://www.npf.gov.ng/tinted/, then print the form and go to police command office to have your biometrics captured. It may take some time to have your permit on hand, so be patient.

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Print out the application form and get biometrics captured in Police command office

Have you just got your vehicle tinted glass permit in Nigeria?

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