See how a throttle cable is tied to the pedal of a danfo bus in Apapa, Lagos


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Creativity and innovation among Nigerians are highly welcome but not at the expense of people's lives on the road.

Wonders shall never end! There is nothing we will not see inside these commercial buses in Nigeria. No doubt, Nigerians can be very creative but not at the expense of passengers’ lives on the road.


What could have made the driver of this commercial bus to tie the throttle to the pedal?

According to report that reached us here on Naijauto, an eyewitness to a shocking event, shared an image online of how a throttle cable was tied to a pedal in a public transport recently in Lagos. According to the person, the bus usually conveys people from CELE to Apapa area in Lagos.

The image shared online prior to this recent incident sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians. See those reactions below:


Reactions of Nigerians about a throttle tied to a pedal in a commercial bus in lagos

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For your own safety, please ‘shine your eyes’ before you board any public transport.

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