This BMW fan turns two damaged M1 into a functional one just to hang it on his garage’s wall


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This should be a perfect match for a going version of 2 BWM M1s but the owner didn’t think so.

This is the garage of a BWM fan who made the garage’s wall home to his 2 damaged BMW M1 sport cars, one of the most difficult to find in the auto markets.

The idea took root in 2015 when he paid for an M1 malfunctioned in an accident in the mid-1980s with its front totally deformed.

The first BWM M1 with its front wrecked

The BMW fan first acquired a front-damaged M1 then finally came up with hanging the flawless M1 on his wall

A year later, he went for another broken M1 which got its rear end damaged by fire.

This should be the perfect half to make a functional BWM M1 but the owner didn’t think so. After the combination work of the two cars completed, he hangs the final product on his garage’s wall instead.

The complete BMW M1 is being hanged on the wall with its fresh interior and serviceable lights. The engine though not used is also equipped inside the sport car.

People hanging the completed BWM M1 on the wall

THe combined BMW hanged on the wall

The complete BMW M1 is being hanged on the wall with its fresh interior and serviceable lights

Video: BMW M1 Art Installation

Speaking of the sports car, it was first planned to be built by an agreement between BWM and Lamborghini but later Lamborghini withdrew, BWM produced it all itself.

There were only 453 BMW M1s manufactured from 1878 to 1981, helping it to be one of the rarest BMW models ever.

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