This abandoned bike graveyard looks like a colorful floral ecosystem from above


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No place to ocupy this parking lot any more, a bike even found its home on a truck.

Just a year ago, the flood and colorful share-bike business that quickly turned into a craze in China but now has resulted in a battle of abandoned bikes after users are turning their backs at this means of travel.

The coloful bikes parking on the pavement

The Chinese soon get fed up with the share bikes not long after the craze kicked up last year

The reason behind this belongs to the lacks of preparation for the regulations and infrastructure to provide an environment for the convenient use of bountiful shared bikes. For that, riders chose to park the bikes unorganizedly or just left them in some place forever.

A load of bikes, therefore, have been accumulating, impeding the access to many streets and roads in the cities.

Video: Drone footage shows thousands of bicycles abandoned in China as bike sharing reaches saturation

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The share-bike companies are desperately struggling to regain some of their investment for making too quick and big bet on the business. There are still thousands of bikes not able to find their ways out of this dump and face the opportunity of lying dormant in these concentration areas to infinity.

abandoned bicycles graveyard looks like a floral ecosytem

From above, we can be baffled if this a floral ecosystem

abandoned bikes look like a field of flowers

This is not a field of flower but an abandoned bike lot

lot of abandoned bikes in a place

Thousand of bikes can't find its new home

abandoned bikes with different colors from different brands

Those abandoned bikes are the outcome of the booming share-bike business in China

abandoned bikes in China

Colorful bikes are no longer in favour

abandoned bikes all over the roads of China

Bikes can be left anywhere on the streets or roads in China for the lacks of regulations and infrastructure

abandoned bikes in the Chinese city

Even a big sight-seeing spot is loaded with abandoned bikes

abandoned bikes turn rubbish

Those bikes may be crushed by the government?

abandoned bikes form a moutain

Mountains of bikes worsen the landscapes of China

abandoned bikes left on the street of China

Some streets are even blocked by the abandoned bikes

abandoned bikes left on the street never find its owner

Should it be transported to other countries? What is your thought?

One of the biggest concentration spots for abandoned bikes in China is a parking lot (belongs to the Huangpu District Vehicle Management Company) in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China:

abandoned bikes in Huangpu district, Shanghai, China

It hurts to see those bikes abandoned

abandoned bikes in a parking lot in Shanghai

No place to stuff this parking lot, a bike even found its home on a truck

abandoned bikes arranged in line

Those colorful bikes may face its destiny to be abandoned forever

abandoned bike crisis in China

Is it a new kind of rubbish?

What a waste! If only the Chinese could indulge in the love of riding bikes just like the perfect example of the Dutch Prime Minister, right?!

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