Porsche confirmed there would be third Porsche 911 series


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Porsche has made a recent announcement that new 911 that runs on internal combustion engine would be added to its line. Click here for more story!

Porsche is one of the leading automakers in terms of luxury, speed and performance. Despite the fear of the purists, Porsche isn’t giving in totally into electrifying its entire production, judging from the Porsche Taycan and Taycan Turismo being at the forefront, the Porsche 911 is the benchmark and its performance is as effective as the powered vehicles produced by the company. According to a statement released by Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, assured people that the new iconic car will be powered by an internal combustion engine.

The new car has been in full swing since its release since November, subsequently after the 911 Cabriolet trims debut. We are also expecting Turbo and GT versions soon. It was reported that the Turbo and GT versions were spotted last year during testing. Recently, Turbo model was also seen inside the ground of the factory.

Porsche 911 Carrera T vs Porsche GT3 Touring | Top Gear

The CEO is filled with excitement as he reveals additional information about the 911 future. Recently in an interview with Evo, it was confirmed by the Porsche Hondo, that we should be expecting to see third addition into the Porsche 911 series. This new model will be added to the GT and regular versions already in the lineup.


No matter the angle you view it from, you just cannot doubt the beauty and incredible performance

Aside from the earlier mentioned statement by the company, no additional information has been disclosed so far about the new addition. There is so much excitement in this vehicle just as the intrigue of electric Porsches future. Some are already linking the variant of the new model to be mild hybrid or plugin hybrid derivative of the Porsche 911, but such thought has been quickly been displaced by Blume. He believes that the third series will be the limited run of 992 generation special edition.


Porsche 911 interior is built for class, comfort and flawless driving

There is high hope and lots more to expect from Stuttgart in many years to come. With the GT models on the way, the Porschephiles future is really filled with excitement. They should also be prepared for the price.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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