Another super cool self-made car by a brilliant Nigerian!


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We don't need large-scale manufacture facilities to produce cars. A young Nigerian man has already done it with stunning results.

In Nigeria, we just love to import cars from other parts of the world and these cars have been outnumbering locally-produced cars.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are not very clear, but can be partly explained through economic knowledge, which says we should utilize our scarce resources for alternatives uses in the most effective way. In this case, since the scale of manufacture from overseas is much greater than ours, the prices of vehicles are much lowered compared to locally-produced units.

So, we should simply buy them and spare our scarce resources on other things that we do better. For example, providing car options and decorations that Nigerians favor. As we have imported foreign-made cars for a long time, the general public no longer thinks Nigerians can invent. Well, this is obviously wrong. Nigeria is actually a land of inventors.

a man with his self-made car

Till the day Alex finishes this, Nigerians rarely believe that local individuals can make cars

Recently, a young man from the Imo state named Alex Ephraim has once again proven to the world that you don't need large scale manufacture facilities to build a car with a V6 engine. And another man, the one we gonna talk about today, produce another attractive looking car, which he built right in his backyard, without sophisticated tools like from big companies but performs just as good as if it was built in one of those chain production.

a man posed by his car

Though not as glamorous as other car brands, this is a big step for Nigeria's car industry

He immediately shared the good news online and a Twitter page decided to lend a hand and helped to spread the news. Since then, the news has been gratefully received by many Nigerians, complimenting him on the effort and love he put into creating the car. He even expressed the willingness to sell the vehicle at a reasonable price and truly open for constructive feedbacks.

It is also notable that this is not the first time a young Nigerian has invented anything. A while back, another man named Ahmadu Ibrahim had made stunning models of cars and shared the pictures on his Facebook account. His intricate designs and his eyes for details helped him create a collection like no other. This man seems less popularly known than the previous guy, and to our knowledge, he is from the Badara region in Birnin Kebbi.

a car replica

Another man in Nigeria has made a collection of mini car replica

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