6 things every Nigerian car driver does at least one time, what about you?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Drivers often exhibit funny behaviors behind the wheels by reflex. Check out this fun list of crazy driving habits and see whether you have done this before!

This post is not about identifying the best drivers, but simply stating some attitudes that we as drivers indulge in.

Nigerian drivers are an interesting set of people. A close look at the behaviors of this lot will either get you rolling on the floor with laughter, or leave your mouth wide open. Well, be sure to close it before an insect flies into it. Come along with a truck to pack any “shades” that has you written all over it. Below are common behaviors Nigerian car drivers do at least one time in their life!

1. Turning down the music volume when lost

Having a little party in the car is good entertainment, especially when you are driving alone. With your favorite songs playing, it feels like you are on the dance floor. Driving becomes a lot of fun. You might even find yourself singing along to the songs if you know the lyrics. But the party comes to an end when you realize that you are not moving in the right direction.


When you're lost, you seem to need a quiet cabin to see roads more clearly

By reflex, you turn down the volume of the music in order to figure out where you are. Quick question: what has the volume got to do with anything? Does it help you concentrate more? Is it a distraction? Or do you just need some quietness to sort out the “mess” you have gotten yourself in?

2. Using your hand to indicate that you want to turn

There are tools available in cars to help drivers with actions they want to take on the road. If you want to turn, the trafficator serves that purpose. Apparently, it is not good enough for some people especially if they want to turn to the left. They stick their hand out of the window, and flag down oncoming vehicles, urging them to wait for them to turn.

One would think that this is a lot of work compared to simply using the trafficator, but no, it is not. The manner in which this is done is really funny. Sticking your hand out of your car is dangerous. Oncoming vehicles could brush it, inflicting injury on you.

3. Turning back to check before entering the road

A lot of people are sitting comfortably on this table. You are about to join the road. Instead of using the side mirror to check for oncoming vehicles, you turn your neck to do that.

Side mirrors serve that purpose perfectly well. As a good driver, you should be able to use them when connecting to roads. If you are not careful, you might overstretch your neck, inflicting pain upon yourself. If you feel that your side mirrors are not clear enough, have them replaced.

Same thing happens with the reverse camera. It is meant to be used during reversing. Turning your neck all the way to the back just to reserve is a lot of work. With all these turnings, you will be tired out at the end of the day.

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4. Checking that you locked your car multiple times

With the high level of crime around, one has to be very careful. For most people, it is not enough to lock their car after stepping out of it, they have to confirm that it is actually locked multiple times. Even when their car uses a modern lock, they go back to check if it is locked by trying to open it. Some people do the checking as much as five times. Although this is funny, it is understandable. You do not want to come out and start looking for your car.


Opening car door to confirm it is locked

It does not help that, at every location, “cars parked at owners’ risk” is boldly written. If your car gets missing, you cannot hold anyone responsible. If it means confirming that it is locked ten times, please do, you are not alone.

5. Using hydraulic to remove scratches

Seeing scratches on your car can be very annoying. If anything, you want your car to maintain its brand new look for eternity. But with so much commotion on the road, there is the possibility that someone will either brush you or you will brush someone.

Ideally, the spraying boot is the right place to get rid of scratches. But how many Nigerians have the time for that? Hydraulic is very handy, and it does the job well.

6. Leaving your car GPS idle

The GPS is installed to help drivers get directions of places they are going to. But in this part of the world, not many people have the patience to make use of it. According to the popular saying, someone who asks for directions does not get lost. Most Nigerians have more faith in the directions of people than the directions of the GPS. If you are not careful, you might get the wrong directions. This can be avoided by simply using the GPS.

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Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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