7 things Lagosians love about Lagos traffic


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Lagos traffic is a nightmare in the city. But there are certain things Lagosians love about it. Find out why Lagosians don't mind getting stuck in traffic!

If you asked 10 different Lagosians about the one thing they dread the most about Lagos, you are most likely to get the same response – the traffic. Popularly referred to as either “Hold Up” or “Go Slow”, Lagos traffic needs no introduction. If you are a first-time visitor to the city, you’ll get a taste of it even before you get to your destination.

The craziest thing about Lagos traffic is that it doesn’t have a particular time of the day when it occurs. Although it’s heavier at certain hours, you can be sure to run into traffic at any given time.

As much as they dread it, sometimes, Lagos can’t help but fall in love with the peculiarities of the traffic.

Naijauto.com brings you the seven things Lagosians love about Lagos traffic:

1. Comic scenes

Sometimes, you might find yourself laughing in traffic. For a moment, you’d think you are at a comedy show. All thanks to the “Actors” on the streets, putting up comic performances.

First, you hear the voices of conductors urging passengers to not enter their buses without having ‘change’ i.e the exact transport fare. Trust Lagosians to fire back at them with funny responses.

2. Meet good-looking people

Ladies have a reason to look forward to getting stuck in traffic. And that’s because they get the chance to meet some of the most good-looking men the city has to offer. Guys aren’t left out, they also meet some of the prettiest damsels in town. As everyone tries to find their way around the traffic, you might be lucky to lock eyes with that hot girl or guy. And if you are fast about it, you two might just exchange phone numbers.

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3. Roadside foods

In some cities, people eating in traffic might be strange, but not in Lagos. There seems to be a consensus among Lagosians that it’s okay to eat while stuck in the middle of cars.

You don’t have to look too far to get food. At every corner, there are hawkers selling a variety of roadside foods from Boli (roasted plantain), Akara (bean cakes), Gala, biscuits, drinks, corn etc.


Where can you find these food stalls other than Lagos?

4. Party up

Lagos traffic can make a 30-minute drive last up to 3 hours. While some people are getting frustrated, others choose to make lemonade out of the oranges life has given them. They simply increase the volumes of their stereo or play their favorite songs, and dance away. It’s even more fun when you are riding with some friends. Indeed, there’s no party like a Lagos party.

5. Check out social media

Everyone has a phone nowadays, and they are always on it. If Lagos traffic refuses to let you go your way in peace, keeping yourself busy on your phone is a very good way to pass time.

Although driving and texting or calling is an offence, that doesn’t apply when stuck in traffic. Lagosians use the opportunity to check out what’s happening on social media. Some of them even take pictures and post them online. Talk about keeping busy.

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6. Turn on the radio

Do people still listen the radio? Well, most people only remember that the radio exists while stuck in Lagos traffic. Instead of sulking, you could keep yourself entertained by listening to your favorite shows and presenters on the radio.

7. Shop away

Roadside foods aren’t the only products Lagos hawkers offer. They go as far as making knock-offs of your favorite designer items available to you. Imagine buying a knock-off Birkin bag in traffic, It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Lagos is indeed a place of wonders. To survive in the commercial hub of Nigeria, you need to get used to the traffic. The next time you get stuck in traffic, you can indulge in any of these activities to pass time. It’s better than bringing high blood pressure upon yourself over something you can’t control.

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