10 things we miss about old cars


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The auto industry has been going through tremendous changes, which introduces new features as well as gives death certificates to certain things. Let's check out 10 things we are definitely missing about old cars.

Automobiles have been evolving since their introduction; as better features are being introduced, the older ones seem to go into extinction. For this reason, you will notice the modern cars are being fitted with different types of airbags, beeps, touchscreens, bongs and other driver assistance features.

Even though these features make them safer than before, there are still some things about old cars that we definitely all miss. Check out if the list made up by Naijauto.com below resonates with yours!

1. The pop-up headlights

You might remember the pop-up headlights, which was a popular feature of cars in the 70s. They were actually cool and stylish and would open and shut just like drowsy eyelids. The first vehicle it featured in was the Cord 810 (1936) and last found on the Chevy Corvette (2004). This feature was pushed out of the car design because of wind noise and pedestrian safety.

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Pop-up headlights were really cool and stylish back in the days; wish we could have them back

2. Lesser noise

Have you noticed the noise that comes with riding the new model cars? You want to change lane, you get a beep, you want to back out of the garage, you get a beep. How does one concentrate with all that distraction? With the old cars, one could drive in serenity fully concentrating on the road in front.

3. Price of old cars

If you should ask if older cars are were cheaper, the answer will be “yes”. While the purchasing price for the modern cars leaves little or no room for negotiation, one can easily negotiate price with the older days vehicles. With inflation, one should also expect that price of the modern vehicles will also be affected.

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4. Durability

It might come as a surprise to you but cars in the older days were stronger compared to what we get with the modern day cars. In the recent times, cars now come with a lifespan of about 10-15 years after which they become almost useless. You can’t say the same for old cars as they usually lasted longer.

5. The manual gearbox

Old cars featured manual gearboxes, which enables power to be transferred to the engines. They are better than what is obtainable in the modern cars because they are more enjoyable and engaging to use.


They say when you drive a manual car you are in charge of the road. Forunately this hasn't totally faded off

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6. Weight

Have you noticed that the old cars were better to drive and gave more fun-ride than the modern cars? Even though it might not seem to be a better option when considering car crashes, they are still cool to ride in. it is also easier to give them a push in the cases of bonnet issues.

7. Easier to fix

Before now, one could easily fix up damages in one’s car without seeking out an expert. But that is hardly applicable with the recent cars as problems with them are usually difficult to repair or diagnose.


Older cars are easier to fix but the problems are that it's harder to find car parts

8. You learn how to drive better

With the old cars, you become a better and more engaging driver. Almost everything in the modern cars are automatic starting from the braking system to other assistance features that can turn one into a lazy driver.

9. Wind wings

Wind wings do really look classy on cars. Unfortunately, they are no longer found in the new cars. Aside from the classic look they gave to cars, they offered a means of getting fresh ventilation in the olden day cars.


The modern cars ditch the appearance of the wind wings

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10. Nice car smell

Some people are of the opinion that cars of recent years smell somewhat gross. Old cars had this nice scent of matured leather, engine oil, warm vinyl, 80s vanilla, wood and musty carpet. A sniff of the scents will surely take you back to the past decades.

Irrespective of what we get in the new cars, the old cars still have some sauce that most definitely make us miss them.

Video: 10 More Things We Miss Most About Old Cars

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