Car thieves use wireless technology to steal BMW car


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A BMW car was stolen with the use of a wireless transmitter, without breaking in or having the keys were stolen.

A car was stolen in the UK by thieves who used a wireless signal emitting from the key fob to gain access to it.


The thieves used a wireless transmitter to emit a signal from the key fob to gain access to the car

The car, a grey BMW 640D Sport, was stolen from where it was parked outside the house, on Newton Road, Cloughoge, in the early hours of Thursday.

Naijauto learned the car robbers didn't break into the car, nor stole the keys where the owner had kept it inside the house.

The police detective investigating the robbery, Constable Middleton said,

With advances in technology, thieves are now able to gain access to your car by redirecting the wireless signal from your key fob.

Owners should take the same precautions they do with home security.

Make use of your garage, if you have one; or use physical car locks such as steering column locks and chains


The BMW car was parked outside the house before it was stolen

With the advance in technology, automakers are now installing high-tech features to make cars more accessible. Car thieves are also stepping up their game. They now use sophisticated instruments & techniques to gain access to modern cars. The keyless entry system has now become a gateway for car robbers.

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These thieves use a wireless transmitter and bring it closer to a house or even the handbag of a car owner whose car is being targeted. Once closer, they are able to capture the signal emitted from the key fob and relay it to the vehicle.

We can't be sure to say car robbers in Nigeria have not also gone advanced.

However, if you use the keyless fob to access your car, you can avoid this situation by storing your keys in a secure location.

Experts recommend keeping it in a metal pouch or tin foil to block any signal. Also, keep the key out of the car's range.

If possible, get a garage and install a CCTV.

These measures can reduce the chances of your car getting stolen overnight.

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