COVID-19: These are the new transportation guidelines for Lagos and Abuja as FG eases lockdown


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Lagos government and FCTA have respectively released new guidelines to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Abuja and Lagos as lockdown eases.

With the gradual ease of lockdown in Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja, the government of Lagos state and administration of the FCT have released new transportation guidelines to curtail further spread of COVID-19 virus.

FCTA-and-Lagos-government-releases -new transportation-guidelines-as-lockdown-eases

FCT administration and Lagos government releases new transportation guideline as lockdown eases

New transportation guidelines for Lagos as lockdown eases

In an effort to avoid a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases with the ease of lockdown in Lagos, the state government will begin enforcing the below transportation guidelines;

1. Operations of commercial vehicles to be allowed only between 6-am and 7-pm daily

2. Mandatory wearing of nose masks by all passengers of commercial and private vehicles as well as washing of hands and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers before or after a trip

3. Suspension of all inter-state vehicular movements (No vehicles will be allowed to travel between Lagos state and any other state in Nigeria for now)

4. Ban on Okada (commercial motorcycle) operations because of the inability to support social distancing rule recommended by the NCDC. Only the motorcycles of logistic/courier companies are to be allowed operation.

5. Keke NAPEP (tricycles) operating within unrestricted areas are to carry only 2 passengers per trip. Also, an appropriate distance must be kept between the two passengers in accordance with social distancing rule.

6. Mandatory social distancing among passengers queuing at any motor park or garage to avoid overcrowding.

7. Compulsory disinfection of garages, parks, and vehicles by all commercial transport operators in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water resources

8. Restriction of commercial passenger taxis and buses to a maximum of 60% load capacity in order to ensure effective social distancing among commuters.

9. Restriction of Lagos Bus Services Ltd and Bus Rapid Transit to a maximum of 21 passengers per trip with no standing commuters and all air conditioning systems switched off.

10. Restriction of popular Yellow buses (Danfo) to a maximum of 8 passengers per trip with just 2 passengers on each row.

All these new rules and guidelines point out the dangers of using public transport during a pandemic and why owning a private car could save you a lot of stress. If you do not own a car yet, we advise you to read our new article that talks about what will happen to car prices in Nigeria after COVID-19.


All Lagos commuters are required to wear nose masks before boarding any commercial vehicle as lockdown eases

New transportation guidelines for Abuja as lockdown eases

Just like Lagos state government has done, the FCT administration has also released its own transportation guidelines to protect residents as the Federal government eases lockdown. Below are the new rules to be enforced in Abuja;

1. Operations of commercial vehicles to be allowed only between 8-am and 4-pm daily

2. Continued ban on commercial motorcycles operations across the FCT with Dutse Alhaji and Kubwa areas inclusive

3. Restriction of commercial tricycles (Keke NAPEP) to a maximum of 2 passengers and 1 driver as well as operations only within the existing designated areas

4. Restriction of Taxi passengers to a maximum of 3 persons and one driver

5. Restriction of commercial buses to a maximum of 60% load capacity in order to ensure social distancing among commuters at all times

6. Mandatory environmental hygiene to be maintained by operators of bus stops and motor parks as well as the provision of hand sanitizing and temperature checking points.

7. Ban on all interstate travel or vehicular movements. (Only vehicles transporting construction materials, relief materials, medical supplies, petroleum products, and agro products will be allowed entry upon presenting the necessary permit)


Abuja bans interstate travels involving passengers as FG eases lockdown

Do you own a car that has been abandoned for weeks now due to the lockdown? Check out our recommended car maintenance tips for the COVID-19 lockdown period.

While the Nigerian transportation sector is getting back on track, experts are warning the nation to brace itself for a further cut in oil price. Watch the Al Jazeera video below for an update;

COVID-19 crisis curbs oil demand: Nigeria braces for further cuts

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