These 13 little-known facts about car will blow your mind!


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Don't call yourself a car enthusiast just yet if you don't know these facts.

Below are some interesting and surprising pieces of information about cars, 13 to be exact, that we think it would be interesting for our readers to know.

It only takes you 2 minutes, top. So why don't we start? Let's dive right in 13 interesting facts about cars!

Everything original

1. The idea of the first fender was originated from a man riding a horse. Its purpose is similar to the modern fender, which is to prevent mud from the road splashing all over the rider.

2. The intention of the first road builders is for cycling.

3. The name of the first Indian to buy a vehicle is Jamsetji Tata.

2 pair of white tires

They change it to black after driving through a muddy area...(just kidding)

General facts

5. On average, there are more than 160 thousand cars are produced every day on earth.

a bunchs of car

Yes, you heard that right, 165,000 cars are manufactured every day

6. If you were to "drive" yourself to the moon (and of course if there were a route for that) with an average speed of 60 miles per hour. It would take you in a total of one hundred and fifty years to get to the sun, and only 6 months to the moon (good news).

7. The Ethanol fuel was produced mostly from sugarcane, a plant that appears everywhere in Nigeria, Africa and countries in the pan-pacific area.

All kind of records

8. Flatmobile is the name of the lowest car ever produced and it is nearly 50 centimeters high.

9. A Cadillac limousine holds the record for being the longest car ever - more than 30 meters and it operates on more than 20 tires.

the longest Cadillac

Don't even think about making a U turn.

More facts coming!

10. The windscreen wipers were actually invented by a woman.

a woman and her invention

This is the woman who invented the windshield

11. Policemen in the UK used to store Teddy bears in their cars so that they can give it to children and calm them down in the event of an accident.

12. A ping-pong game was integrated into the computer system of a Saab's car.

13. While in prison to serve his sentence, Adolf Hitler had the courage to ask for a loan to buy a Mercedes!

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