Ironically, Theresa May cannot even (br)EXIT her car!


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If there's something wrong in meeting between world leaders, what do you think it would look like? Mass murder? Explosions? The answer could surprise you.

You probably have heard about the term Very Important People or VIP. The term, indeed, is to describe people that are crucial to a certain degree, with a certain kind of groups. With that in mind, could you come up with some names? In our estimation, the first kind of people you would think of is politicians and high-powered officials, of whom are essential to the stability of a country. The second type would be celebrities and superstars. How important could they be, you might ask. Actually, according to our definition of VIP, those people are very important to their fans. You probably have heard of the cases where fans were willing to sacrifice many things for their idols, to the point where it becomes ridiculous.

Today, we will be talking about the former. Since they are VIPs, the measures taken to ensure their safety are deemed very seriously. It could be an evacuation in an area with a small radius to a total blockage of roads and highways several kilometers to either side. When there are meetings between those people, the measures could even be applied to a much larger scale.


Things could go wrong at the very thing that no one expected

When such a meeting happens, secret services are supposed to vet the area weeks or even months ago to make sure that nothing would go wrong with the meeting. Yet, when all the essential jobs are done and nothing could seem to go wrong, things could get out of hand from the smallest thing, in this case, door.

You can witness the whole minor incident here

It actually happened at a meeting between the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May and Germany's chancellor Angela Markel, where the Prime Minister did not bring the usual armored vehicle with her but instead use a signature car of the Geman, a Mercedez Benz. Maybe, just maybe, they think all the important prep works were done and neglect this very small thing. The car door was actually jammed and only opened after several button-pressing attempts from her staff. Ms. Prime Minister and Ms. chancellor finally got to shake hands.


Finally, two world leaders got to shake others' hands

Theresa May would be discussing the Bexit deal in this meeting. Speaking for myself, Theresa took the meeting very lightly. I mean, she did not even bother to tell her staff to take full measure to protect her, probably because a subtle sign for the other leaders "This deal is non-negotiable, don't bother sitting down and talk me out of it"?

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