[VIDEO] The world's most luxury aircraft with 5-star bedroom, cinema & bar!


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This super luxury aircraft is the biggest passenger plane ever seen. Dive in and check out its 5-star comfort inside!

Have you ever heard of someone hiring an entire plane to satisfy their own needs? I think you have, either on the news or on blockbusters we see on the cinemas. Normally, an airplane like that would look like an usual commercial airplane, but with the internal specifically designed to fit their customers demands and needs. Spacious living room, leather sofas and large windows are expected in this type of flight.

That however, has been considered outdated and untrendy amongst the most wealthy people, whose money are enough to buy several planes, let alone hire one. Knowing and sensing the new wave of the new rich, Boeing has made a bold move and introduced a one-of-a-kind airplane that has never been on the market before. 


The new engine is so efficient, it can power the plane halfway around the globe with a full tank

Before getting to its luxurious interior, let's get a bit technical first. This plane is not only upgraded to be better, it actually possesses the most efficient twin-turbo ever made, the GE9X high-bypass turbofan aircraft engine, which allows the plane to fly around the globe with only one stopping for fuel. 

This model is tailored specifically for the most well-off, that's why the name is Boeing Business Jet, to distinguish it from the commercial planes that were introduced earlier this year, the 350 and 425.

The new planes, named BBJ 777-9 and BBJ 777-8, are said to let its customers travel in grand style. Besides a roomy master suite, several bedrooms and a separated working area, it also has a cinema, a shower pod and a game room. With all of those features, it still has enough space for a conference room to contain more than 50 people, crew members included.


If you were blindfolded before getting in, you'd probably think this is a super high-end apartment

That's the "standard" package that Boeing offers. If one of their wealthy customers would like some change here and there, maybe one of their favorite million-dollars collection, trophies or awards, some tweaks to the angle and materials of the sofas, the color of the curain in the bedroom, etc, they might as well be served. Customers are invited to make change, as long as it doesn't involve the radical change in the infrastructure of the plane. After all, what is the benefit of being super rich if you can't get things done the way you'd like.

Take a look at the following pictures, who would think that they are taken on a plane?




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