The safest and the least safe car of 2018 - Euro NCAP


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Safety level is always prioritized in all car buying checklist. Check in to see which cars score the highest and the lowest in 2018 Euro NCAP.

Every year, the Euro New Car Assessment Programme, or frequently known as Euro NCAP set out to research bunches of cars and test them in order to conclude a thorough study on how safe some cars are. Do you know how the process goes? 

The procedure is straightforward and also very brutal. To test the safety of a vehicle, they would gather in their studio heaps of car brand, orchestrate artificial collisions and determine the safety of those models by measuring the impact force on those mannequins inside, as well as the data collected from sensors stick around and inside cars.

The highest point would be 5, and 1 would be for the car that performed the worst. There are 4 categories that the car will be evaluated, namely pedestrian assist, safety assist, adult occupant and child occupant. Can you guess the top of the safety list? Unsurprisingly, it's the one from the German, Mercedez Benz. Bear with us at Naijauto for another minute to know the rest. 

1. 3 safest cars of 2018 

Mercedez Benz A-Class

Come first in the Small family car section. Mercedez Benz A-Class was given a full 5 stars with 96% in adult assist and 92% in the pedestrian assist section.


The German auto manufacturer once again top the list

Lexus ES

Lexus ES managed t be the winner of both the Large family car section and Electric Hybrid cars, largely due to its newly integrated digital side mirror, which is actually a small camera instead of a mirror


Lexus ES is the first of its kind to replace the side mirrors with cameras

Hyundai Nexo

Winner of the Large off-road section, the Korean brand had designed a model that scored 94 percent in adult assist and 87% in child occupant.


If you happen to like to drive your children on off-road paths, Huyndai Nexo is an attractive option

2. The least safe cars of 2018

Now we're done with the champions, now let's move on to the underdogs of the whole season.

Peugeot Rifter

The brand with a lion symbol scored disappointingly low in the pedestrian assist section with only 58 percent. Their Emergency Braking feature is reported to be horrible.

Watch out, pedestrians, a Rifter is coming your way!

Jeep Wrangler

This off-road vehicle deserves its one star since there is even no Emergency Braking at all. Also, the collision tests are a disappointment.


Who designs an off-roader with no Emergency braking, really?

Fiat Panda

Apparently, there's something below the 1-star bottom. This vehicle from Panda got none! Well, it's only fair if you'd look at the safety assist score: a record low 7 percent!


Just when you think you've hit rock bottom, there's a Fiat Panda to surprise you

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