The results are out – top 15 world’s best-selling cars of 2018!


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One way to decide what car to buy is to look at the market appeal and sales then decide if you would like to follow the crowd or stand.

According to JATO dynamics Ltd. – a business intelligence gathering company, 54 top automobile markets were responsible for selling 86 million cars in 2018. Despite the fall in world automobile sales of about 0.5%, it still didn’t deter this car models from making their sales in the hundreds of thousands and even in the millions. Here are the final results of the top 15 most sold vehicles of 2018. Safe to say the people’s choice award goes to the very first to surpass the millionth sale mark.

15. Nissan Qashqai/Rogue Sports (586,940)


The Nissan Qashqai/ Rogue Sports

If you call it Qashqai then you’re probably a Nigerian user as it is known as the Rogue Sport back in the US. Sales has been good to this model of Nissan as it has seen a growth in sales of 13% to the prvious 2017 sales.

14. Volkswagen Polo (598,500)


The Volkswagen Polo

With a new model out, Polo is definitely enjoying the patronage as sales has grown compared to 2017 sales

13. Toyota Camry/Aurion (622,316)


The Toyota Camry/Aurion

Very big in Nigeria and across the world, Camry must be doing something right as sales has grown from previous years but the same cannot be said for the arch rival the Honda Accord whose sales has dipped.

12. Volkswagen Tiguan (622,467)


The Volkswagen Tiguan

Slipped down in position from 8th in the previous year now at 12th

11. Ram pick-up truck (638,194)


The Ram pick-up truck

Moved up in rank from 14th the previous year to 11th

10. Honda HR-V/XR-V/Vezel (646,144)


The Honda HR-V/XR-V/Vezel

This compact crossover that has proved competent over the years stands at number 10 to beat even the big Ram pick-up truck.

9. Chevrolet Silverado (650,654)


The Chevrolet Silverado

This huge pick is gradually dropping sales though not so much at 1% but will still need to watch it as the competition in the truck sector is keen.

8. Volkswagen Passat/Mogotan (660,453)


The Volkswagen Passat/Mogotan

Though the people's vehicle Volkswagen is planning a release of its Passat range at the Geneva Motor Show this year where it plan to sell up to 30 million vehicles, the records shows however that Passat is not doing badly at all.

7. Volkswagen Golf (731,561)


The Volkswagen Golf

Truly the people’s car, Golf outshines every other Volkswagen model in popularity and is also not doing badly in sales. Despite the downward turn of 11% in sales as a consequence of the market, it still got over 700,000 sales of its cars.

6. Honda CR-V (736,471)


The Honda CR-V

This Japanese compact crossover is definitely not doing bad despite a drop in sales it still managed to hit close to the million mark and with the new model to be released later in the year, who knows it just might surprise us.

5. Nissan X-Trail / Rouge (771,145)


The Nissan X-Trail / Rouge

Nissan X-Trail seems to have positioned itself solidly in the top 5. Though dropping one place in position from 4th last year, it still maintains the fifth position even though it recorded a loss in its sales.

4. Toyota RAV4 (807,116)


The Toyota RAV4

Sales for this guy is up 4% even as it plans a new model for the year it still did not deter it from getting ever so close to that million sales threshold

3. Honda Civic (812,767)


The Honda Civic

This quite a jump right from 5th in 2017 to 3rd in 2018. This can’t be a fluke, this guy must be doing something right, and what do you say we both go find out what together.

2. Toyota Corolla (934,348)


The Toyota Corolla

Are you jaw-dropped surprised? You shouldn’t be so pull up your jaws. This is the second most popular car in the world and is getting to that number 1 mark one car sale at a time, as it is just a few cars shy of a million car sales.

1. Ford F-Series (1,076,153)

Video: 2018 Ford F-150 – Review and Road Test

This is the number 1 most sold vehicle in the world and it sold over a million cars in 2018 the only vehicle to do so. The fact that it is a truck and 80% of its sales came from the US says only one thing – Americans love their Ford trucks. But one thing also is in the brew, the fact that the Corolla will give it a run for its money in 2019 and might likely upset it.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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