The old things that our kids will never truly understand


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No matter how descriptive your talk is, your kids will never truly understand our "old stuffs".

Do you guys ever stop and think about the future? Things like "what would my future kids react to the technology today, now that the technology world is developing at an unprecedented pace that even the most brilliant invention today would look archaic 20 years later". I have been doing that recently and some ideas really intrigued me.

But that thought can be hard to imagine. After all, not every one of us has a vivid mind to visualize what the future holds. To make things easier, let us introduce to you something in the past and you can use it to compare to today. After knowing what they are, not only the youngsters but even you yourselves could feel nostalgic and emotional, thinking how fast time has flown. 

a Nigerian man contemplating

You could try, but it's almost impossible to let our children feel our old experience

1. The cassette

In the old days, music players are for music and phones are for calling and texting. Now everything has changed. The kiddos no longer need to find a pen or a pencil to put into one of the cassette's socket and rewind it when the song is finished, they simply do a few touches on the screen and it all set. Plain and (too) simple. They can even shuffle the music collections to their like.

a man putting a tape into a cassette

They wouldn't know how hard it is to rewind the whole tape once the album finishes

2. The crank handle

Kids that born in the 2000s will almost never know what a window crank handle is since all the models with the crank handle integrated are now discontinued. When you mention it, there is a chance that they will correct your grammar, probably! If you ask me, the inner child of me still finds the modern window controller boring because it truly "steal" all the fun I had when I was a child. When I have to really work it to make the window go up and down!

a window crank handle

This is our main source of fun back when we are in a car

In the old days, we have to use most of our strength just to make the handle go in the full round. It could even become a challenge when the crank was not lubricated regularly. In either way, they are indeed, fun! I would actually wish for it to come back so that my kids would have something to play with instead of digging their faces into the smartphones.

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