Nigerians produce more vehicles than you think, like these Keke NAPEP


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Keke NAPEPs have become increasingly popular on Nigerian roads and more and more of them are made-in-Nigeria.

It’s not the motorbike or the 4-wheeled vehicle but the tricycle better known in Nigeria as the Keke NAPEP that is the one gaining the dominance on the Nigerian roads.

Lots of Keke NAPEPs on a Nigerian road

The Keke NAPEPs are becoming more popular in the Nigerian roads

Since the characteristics of Nigerian traffic is more of short travel around the city, the commercial vehicles are more in favor and come a wave of the Keke NAPEPs sweeping every street of the big cities.

This is understandable the charge for riding a Keke is much softer than a taxi while bringing more comforts to its occupants.

A Keke NAPEP ride riding his tricycle with passengers in the rear seats

A Keke carries more passengers than a motorbike taxi while charging less than a 4-wheel taxi

Video: FG Unveils First Made-In-Nigeria Tricycle In Abuja

To have a Keke NAPEP in Nigeria, most companies import it from India or other Asian sources, hence augmenting the prices for each Keke NAPEP which ranges from N500,000 to N650,000.

And for this reason, Nigerians are now striving to produce Keke NAPEPs on their own (See the all-electric Keke made in Aba). Some even equip more innovations into their vehicles. As you can see from those photos below, the Nigerian tricycles come fitted with glass doors and electric fans. Some vehicles are even capable of carrying 6 passengers at a time. And look! The Nigerian has been making Keke NAPEPs that running on electricity!

a Nigerian man poses with a Made in Nigeria Keke NAPEP

Nigerians are now striving to produce Keke NAPEPs on their own

A garage of made in Nigeria Keke NAPEPs

The Nigerian tricycles come fitted with glass doors and electric fans

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