What's special about the new private jet of Lionel Messi?


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The race with Ronaldo on the pitch hasn't ended, now the new private jet of Lionel Messi helps him lead the race of vehicle!

Private jets are one among criteria to distinguish the extremely wealthy from the rich only. Its acquiring price and maintenance cost are so enormous that only the super wealthy can afford one. Recently, Lionel Messi, the famous striker, who is currently playing for Catalan giant Barcelona football club, bought himself one, with Naijauto.com have a look at his now "wonder" in his decorated career.


Barcelona football superstar Lionel Messi

Double Amarilla, a website in his home country, has published an article on the new private jet of Lionel Messi. The Barcelona superstar threw down $15 million (~₦5.5 billion) to purchase a luxury and expensive private aircraft for his family’s journeys from South America to Europe and vice versa.

The jet is a Gulfstream V 2004 version, equipped with 16 seats, two kitchens, and two bathrooms (with one having a shower). As in the article, Messi bought it in America, but Argentina would definitely be the place of its registration.

It doesn’t take the Argentine player much time to render his adjustments to the aircraft. On its tail has a number ‘10’ been painted, as on his competition shirt. Besides, his family members also get their names on each step on the boarding stair (Mateo, Ciro, Thiago, Antonela, and Leo).


Messi’s PJ: the interior, number ‘10’ on the tail, and family names on boarding stair

Surely he doesn't want to let Ronaldo surpass him both on and out of the pitch. While Ronaldo has tens of super exotic cars in his garage, Messi now chooses a smarter way to get ahead: getting himself a private jet. What an answer!

Video: Lionel Messi Airlines: Inside the Barcelona star's new private jet | Goal.com

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