The most outrageous car design ever


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The car ignited controversy for over 40 years after being retired.

In 1969, Steve Paige, a car designer living Los Angeles came up with a strange car design idea. While most auto manufacturers were designing cars that meet the customer’s needs, it was of Steve Paige's interest to make a car with a controversial design which he called an ‘art car’. The car turned out to take a completely outrageous shape that set tongues wagging since its first appearance and ignited controversy for over 40 years after he had retired it.

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the art car

Steve Paige came up with a strange car designing idea

Anyone can see what the outrageously-designed vehicle looks like from any angle. The car could seat two passengers but is not the best car on a bumpy street.

Steve Paige drove the “art car” on Los Angeles streets for five years before retiring it. At that time, the car’s mileage was up to 500 miles (805 km)

the art car

The ‘art car’ causing a heated controversy

If the car was continued, would you buy it?

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