This is the last BMW 1600 GT convertible of its kind on Earth!


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You can get a Roll-Royce, a Bugatti or a Tesla with some hundreds of millions Nairas. But with all that money, it's not guaranteed that you can buy this BMW.

Now, if you suddenly become omnipotent and could choose to possess any car and one car only, what would it be? If you didn't come up with a particular model after several minutes of thinking, may I suggest the BMW 1600GT convertible, the only one of its kind on this planet earth.





Take a look and you will appreciate the vintage look of this beauty

BMW's apprentices were assigned a seemingly impossible task, restore the BMW 1600GT to its original condition as part of their apprenticeship. And they have proven that they are capable of doing just that. The state-of-the-art mechanic, coupled with an elegant silver bodywork, and a red touch at the hood was the result of many years of hard work.


By accomplishing this, the apprentices have secured a firm foothold in the brand

BMW 1600 GT Convertible – BMW Classic

After changing hands for several times, this car now is owned by a shareholder of BMW AG, Herbert Quandt. We're not sure if there would be any hand-over in the future. If there would, it's likely in the form of a gift or gesture of goodwill rather than pure selling and buying. Money is not really an object to a major shareholder of such a large company like BMW.


The mechanical soul of the vehicle was nicely adorned by the famous bodywork brand from Italy

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