The great property of Dbanji consisting of luxurious house and cars


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D'banj's $25-million/ N9-billion mansion is considered to be one of the most luxurious shelters in Lekki, Lagos.

Ranking among the richest and most famous people in Nigeria, D’banj house and cars are worth talking about. Aside from his $25-million or ₦9-billion mansion - one of the most luxurious shelters in Lekki where many other Nigerian celebrities reside, D’banj embarked on collecting pricey cars. Today let’s be with finding out how he could earn such a huge fortune and have a look at The great property of D'banj consisting of luxurious house and cars.

1. Who is D’banj?

Music fans knows this is an absurd question. D’banj, one of the best Nigerian musician, songwriter as well as singer right now, is the winner of many valuable awards throughout his singing career. To name some, there would be the Evolution award at the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards, the Best-selling African Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards, Best International Act: Africa at the 2011 BET Awards, Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009, and the Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007.

9 June 1980 was the day this legend was born. His parents gave his the name Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo. Many don’t know his stage name was rooted from his birthname by combining his first name and surname to form D’banj we know today.


He is one of a few that make their names in the international music industry

Dbanji is not only one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, famed all over the young continent but also has spread his name across the world to have the chance to stand on the same stage with Jay-Z in the 2012 Sumer Olympics. It was in the summer of 2012 that his single “Oliver Twist” hit the international mass media interest with the material from the electronic dance music and Afrobeat. It infiltrated the list of 10 best song in the UK singles chart in the year 2012 while booking the second place in the UK R&B chart the same year. The year before that, the hit has conquered the African charts to prove itself.

  • The Answer to Who is the richest in Nigerian music industry

For what he had achieved, in 2016, T.I.N Magazine put D’banj on the top of Nigerian music industry, being the richest solo musician in the country.

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  • D’banj early ages

Since his tender ages, D’banj has been a magnetic to attention. He once recalled learning to play the song “My heart will go on” with his favorite instrument the harmonica, priding in “and that got me a lot of girls”. But do you know about the origin of this story is a bitter pill for him to swallow.


His love for music was discovered at quite a young age

  • D’banj found his love for music

D’banj was inspired and led by his late brother, Femi, to learn about the harmonica. Here he comprehended that music was his source of life meaning, going against his parent’s intentions for him in the Nigerian Military School. In fact, he joined the school for three years but departed for his music enthusiasm. Sad news came finding D’banj and his family as his brother Femi was involved in a plane crash and couldn’t ever find his way home. His death left a permanent mark on the musician’s family. All of Femi’s belongings brought home were arrange on his bed except for the harmonica which D’banji kept for himself and played it to remind of his deceased brother.

  • A star that was found by Don Jazzy

He mended the academic education in the Lagos State university, majoring in mechanical engineering but later dropped out. Another plan to continue his study in London was also halted by Don Jazzy, who did his utmost to bring D’banj into the entertainment industry, describing “D’banj is a star in the making”. The two felt that the Nigerian music industry had been flourishing at the time, so they decided to return in 2004, releasing “Tongolo” as a debut single whose production cost was paid by D’Banj mother.


Don Jazzy is the one who pulled D'banj to the world of music

  • D’banj’s music career

D’banj is grateful for the work of his mentor Fela. That’s the reason why the singer intertwines between Afropop and Afrobeat to retrieve Fela’s music, bringing it into the new century, which featured the zeal and humor. Deep inside this humor lies hidden meanings the Nigerian singer wants to convey. These are the struggle all young Nigerians strive to reach their dreams.

D’banj’s list of albums

Album   Year of Release Information 
 No Long Thing  2005  - This is his debute album picking the song Tongolo to be the lead single.
- The debut album made a breakthrough in his music career, yielding his chances to collaborate with Ikechukwu and Dare Art Alade.
 Rundown Funk U Up  2006  - This album introduced another hit titled Why Me?
- Aside from that, B’banji also released a remix of the song Tongolo.
 The Entertainer  2008  - Before publishing his third album featuring singles “Entertainer”, “Olarun Maje”, “Kimon”, and “Gbono Feli Feli”, D’banj as a member of Mo’ Hits Allstars (including D’Prince, KaySwitch, Wande Coal, and Dr. SID), released the album named Curriculum Vitae in 2007.
 King Don Come  2017  - Featuring singles “El Chapo”, “It’s not A Lie”, and especially 2012 hit “Oliver Twist”.
- The release attracted guests including Busiswa, Bucie, Harry Songs, Wnade Coal, and Gucci Mane.
  • D’banj’s endorsements

As many other celebrities, D’banj has many other incomes from endorsement. His first album was endorsed by Power Fist, an energy drink. He was selected to be the Bank of Industry ambassador in May 2013. In November 2013, the singer reconnected the bond with Globacom after their separation in 2010. In June 2014, he agreed on a deal with Heritage Bank. 4 months later, he became the Beats by Dre ambassador in Africa. In the early of 2015, D’banji landed a post as the official African ambassador for Ciroc Nigeria. In September that year, he was chosen to be the brand ambassador of the popular mobile phone SLOT.

D’banj is known for a very active humanitarian activist. He is the sole founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development. United Nations chose the singer as its Youth Ambassafor for Peace.


The man is a whole-hearted social activist

D’banj has created lots of songs to support the investments on agriculture in Africa, which was lauded with compliments from Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank Chief.

In 2015, the Nigerian musician released MV of the song “Extraordinary” which was for the purpose of bolstering the awareness of women’s rights and gender equality. The song was later endorsed by World bank for women awareness.

Being a kind-hearted social activist and dedicated to the music industry, D’banj still makes wise investments in himself with a relishible life of houses and car.


The photo D'Banj took with Usher

2. D’banj house in Lekki

Recently D’banj has been considered to get into trouble. Many believe his house is being on sales for his unpaid bills. Some claim the superstar had not pay the landlord and his house staff, which gradually worsened the situation. Even worse, it was said that D’banj was owing a debt of up to $300,000 (~₦108m) to Henry Ojogbo.


The delux life inside D'banj's house

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3. D’banj cars

Speaking of his cars, the Aston Martin Vintage was the first model that he bought with $200,000 (~₦72m) 5 years ago. In his garage, it even features more impressive vehicles:

And many more for sure, just pay a visit to his Instagram, you will see it flooded with photos of exotic cars as well as his shows.

Video: The Expensive Life Of D'Banj | D'Banj Net Worth And Biography


Many believe his house is being on sales for his unpaid bills


The Rolls-Royce is one of a few cars that have been included in more than one post


Another Rolls-Royce


Black and white perfect combination


This time is an all-black outfit


D'banj loves riding his supercars around on streets


He is an active user of media where he shares lots of his super vehicles


His garage welcomes more and more luxury models

D’banj is also believed to own a custom-built jet for his own.


He is also believed to own a custom-built jet for his own

3. To recap

D’banj house and cars can be described as the world of luxury. But we know that he deserves everything he’s got for being the man that stood up from fractures- the loss of his beloved brother who embedded the love for music in him. thank you for always supporting us, so that we can give you better and better articles in the future. Stay tune with us for daily updated car news on the site!

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