The first African-made flying drone taxi broadcast on TV


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Motivated to show the world African brain powers, this Kenyan engineer has designed his own flying drone.

Africans’ abilities are being recognized in all aspects of life around the world, including science and technology. Recently a Kenyan inventor, named Morris Mbetsa, has built the first African-made passenger drone, which was broadcast on Kenya CitizenTV. According to his sharings, it was such corporations as Uber or Volocopter that urged him to design this sample and later on, he aimed to help his country became the first to use flying taxis.

Morris is explaining how his drone works

Morris Mbetsa is showing spectators how his flying drone works.

In the video, Morris shows spectators the drone structure and illustrates its operational mechanism, using ESC (electronic speed controllers), tailored motors of steel and aluminum, carbon propellers, batteries and flight-programming software. This prototype can be either remotely or manually controlled with a joystick.

More surprisingly, this model is no way the final design but just a more driver-friendly version for open flight tests. Morris wants to operate the flying drone more easily as well as fix it immediately if problems occur. Hearing that, we can expect more styling designs from this self-taught inventor.

Morris's flying drone design

This is just a rough design.

Modest as he may seem to be, his life-long ambition is to turn Kenya into the first country using flying passenger vehicles, considering the road conditions in this country can hardly be called acceptable. Initially, he may develop this drone to facilitate Nairobi tourist flights, then assist searching or rescuing campaigns as well. Finally, these passenger taxis can be used with an app, like Uber did, to serve travelling needs of the public at an affordable price.

Watch the video broadcast on TV here:

Passenger Drone first made in Africa

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