Peugeot 206 turned into rubbish with this car washer


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Next time you bring your car to a car wash station, watch out!

Car washes normally remind us of bringing back the cars to its hygiene state. Yet this Youtube video introduces you quite an opposite idea. SpotOnStudios, a Danish filmmaking firm just put a functional Peugeot 206 on a test that makes car total rubbish with a 3000 bar pressure washer (yes, it is 3000 bar which is equivalent to 43,500 psi, almost equaling the figure of a bulled when being fired).

A standard setting for a car washer is at 1900 psi.

Man with a car pressure washer

With only one pressure washer, the man totally wrecks a Peugeot 206

Man beside a Peugeot 206

The healthy Peugeot is bound to be turned to wreckage

a guy beside a Peugeut 206

Before the action

pressure washer breaking a car

Nothing can surmount the pressure test

car pressure washer wrecking a car

It's easy for the pressure washer to break into the interior through the windshield

car washer breaking a car

It's no more a functional car

a car with broken windshield

The front end spurts shrapnels everywhere

a broken tire\

This is the result

Video: Cleaning a car with a 3000 bar power washer

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