5 pedestrian bridges in the world that are just mesmerizing to behold


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Sometimes bridges transcend the normal idea to take another role: to emblazon a landscape.

Bridges are built with the primary purpose for transportation, connecting parts of a country or countries. However, sometimes it transcends this normal idea to take another role: to emblazon a landscape.

Let’s check out the best 5 pedestrian bridges that are just mesmerizing to behold.

5. Lucky Knot Bridge- China

Not having to care about the heavy loads of vehicles, this is a pedestrian bridge and its design doesn’t have to follow a standard bridge’s as well. That’s why it has twisted shapes which was actually purposefully planned by Next Architects.

Pedestrians can get access to the bridge through eight entrances.

Lucky Knot Bridge

One of the most attractive site in the area

Lucky Knot Bridge in China

This is a popular spot for people to take great shots

Lucky Knot Bridge at night

The pedestrian bridge góe beyond the usual shape

4. Nine elm bridge- England

This pedestrian bridge spans to connect two sides of River Thames, London.

It was made in a collaboration between Sven Ole Hansen ApS and Robin Snell & Partners while AF Lighting and Aarsleff worked on the design. The bridge is raised up from a thin deck and two tapered shafts centering for the swirling ramps.

Nine elm bridge

Its design is one of the kind

Nine elm bridge in England

This pedestrian bridge spans to connect two sides of River Thames, London

3. Circular bridge - China

The circular bridge in Shanghai was built to fill the gap between entertainment and pressure of office. With the birth of the bridge, people could have easy access to different zones of the city in just some minutes. Imagine you only need some minutes to escape the office to grab a coffee.

Circular bridge

The circular bridge helps people get easier access to services and entertainment

Circular bridge in China

The bridge also helps reduce the pressure on the traffic

2. Webb Bridge - Australia

The pedestrian bridge was built to help people get to two sides of the river Yarra. But more than just bringing people easy access, it gives them chills crossing the bridge as well. The aesthetic designs helped it win the honored RAIA Joseph Reed Urban Design Award 2005.

Webb Bridge

The Webb Bridge is especially beautiful at night

Webb Bridge in Australia

The aesthetic designs helped it win the honored RAIA Joseph Reed Urban Design Award 2005

Video: Webb Bridge Melbourne

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1. Chunhua Footbridge - China

From above it forms the shape of a flower. Do you know that it was also the reason behind its name “Chunhua” meaning spring flower in English? The bridge costs the Chinese government a whopping amount of $7.8m~ N3b.

Chunhua Footbridge

Its name means spring flower in English

Chunhua Footbridge in China

It cost up to N3 billion to build

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