Watch "the Beast" and motorcade of Donald Trump in his visit to the UK!


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Who could have expected less from the president of the most powerful country in the world? Check out how Donald Trump Cadillac limo brought UK BP petrol station to a standstill!

Yesterday, the President of the United States, Donald trump, arrived in the UK onboard Air force 1 before joining the Marine 1 helicopter, which later took him to the Queen’s place at the central London on his 3-day state official visit.

The Beast, which is the official Cadillac Limo for the president was seen at the BP filling station along Finchley road in London over the weekend getting its tank filled up in preparation for the arrival of the US President to the UK.


Donald Trump's presidential Cadillac limo was spotted at the BP filling station in London awaiting his arrival

This Cadillac custom made limousine always gets to each and every country the president goes to. It made its first appearance at the UN General Assembly few months ago in New York City. The Beast is a member of the twelve cars that would be manufactured for the president at the whopping cost of $16 million (~N4.9 billion).


Definitely one of the most protected presidential vehicles in the world with capability of resisting any kind of attack

>>> You may not know the Beast has just been upgraded recently: Comparison between the US President's new and old beast Limousines

It comes equipped with reinforced steel plating powerful enough to avoid bomb, chemical attacks or bullets and also a camera for night vision, which will be surrounded by similar looking limousine and twenty communication and security vehicles.


Her Majesty doesn't take chance with luxury and utmost protection as she steps out in her armoured Bentley imousine

Its interior is completely sealed off to prevent chemical attacks and comes equipped with heavy doors just like that of Boeing 757 plane.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is hosting Donald Trump, also takes trips in her Bentley State Limousines (armoured). In her fleet, two of the limousines are priced at ten million pounds (₦4.7b).

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President Trump's Vehicle

A huge sum of 40 million pound from the taxpayers’ money would be used to host the US president and his 1000 entourage presently in UK for this state visit.

Below are more photos of Donald Trump's Cadillac and his motorcade in this visit to the UK!




Trump's motorcade includes two Beasts and many supporting vehicles

>>> All these vehicles are carried on a special aircraft in every President's visit to foreign countries: Pictures of US President’s MotorCade inside C5-Galaxy Aircraft

Oluwaseun Adeniji
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